Massage Therapy as a Career

With an awareness spreading about the multiple benefits of massage therapy, there are many institutions and health centers today, which are promoting the therapy as a serious career. There is not much debate about the relaxing and soothing effect that a professional session of massage can bring. The researches are in progress about the massaging effects. With this, more points are continually being added to the already lengthy list of the benefits associated with this therapy.

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  • On a broader perspective, the varying pressure during the massaging workout can have significant effect in hormonal changes. These changes bring about the physical and behavioral improvements. A mix of common and rare ailments, which are being treated today by the Massage Therapy include the following few:
  • Arthritis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome) Symptoms
  • CADHD (Childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

All the above mentioned diseases need a highly professional therapeutic intervention for the expected results. While the massage brings on the necessary changes for a calming effect, technically, the reduction in stress hormones play the role. As a result, the serious anxiety and the severe depression are controlled by the regular massage frequented for a long time.


In essence, the following major changes happen within the body which offers the relief:

  • The stress hormone Cortisol is reduced by the massage, which helps in calming down the body.
  • The neurotransmitters Serotonine and Dopamine are influenced by the massage therapy. These signal carrying cells are boosted, which helps in relaxing the state of mind.
  • Massage brings on the necessary relaxing effect. This stimulates the heart rate, and lowers the blood pressure. In other words, one feels less tired, more relaxed and free of anxiety.
  • The processes of sleep and relaxation are directly connected to the brain. While in sleep or when one relaxes, the delta waves generated in the body travel through the brain. These waves are the indication that the mind can carry on its task without the stress. Massage helps in the smoother flow of these waves.
  • As a result of overexertion, the muscles form a knot, or are tightened up. This if prolonged may result in a chronic pain. Massage can help in loosening up the muscle cells and alleviating the pain that appears deep set.

Massage Therapy As A Career:

A number of programs have been launched across the country, to promote the professional massage to the masses. Kelly Leis Massage Therapy center is one such center that is helping patients to get recovered from serious illness. This includes the law in many states, which needs one to pass the Massage Therapy Examination. There are many famed institutes today, which educate about the various forms of the massage therapy, and the consequences of each of those. After completing the course at one of the registered institute, one needs to clear the exam comprising basic and advanced understanding of the subject. This brings the topic of Massage Therapy into the other serious subjects, which need proper attention and research.

Once cleared, one is qualified to be called a Massage Therapist. There are institutes where these therapists can register themselves, or may be a part of the hospitals treating various ailments with Massage Therapy. The opportunities are immense.

The current trend is the amalgamation of the modern techniques with the benefits of therapy. The students are being taught by the industry experts, who deal with the various modern machines manufacturing. These machines are the medical equipments mainly used by the Hospitals, and help in the analysis of the therapeutic value. The students receive hands-on lessons on these highly sophisticated equipments, and can relate on improvising their practices.

Other than the medical industry, Massage Therapy is a part of every big saloon and spa today.

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