Is Your Medical Facility Healthy?

Running a facility like an urgent care or similar operation is different than a big hospital. To start, you need to be sure you can accommodate a large amount of patients at any given time. One reason smaller is popular is that many think they will get faster service than at a hospital. For example, someone suffers a serious cut that requires stitches. Why go wait in a hospital emergency room for hours when a smaller facility can often get one out in under an hour?

So, will your facility be up to the task of taking care of many patients with varying medical needs?

Top-notch Care and Safety Are Your Two Greatest Requirements

In operating a medical facility that is not a full-blown hospital, remember these keys:

  1. Care – You can’t run a medical facility if consumers question your care. It is imperative you leave no stone un-turned when it comes to offering the public the finest care. Part of doing this will mean being on top of medicine. Knowing the latest trends in healthcare will be an essential part of the job. The last thing you want is patients leaving you questioning the care they received. As part of that top-notch care, you also will need to hire the best staff out there. Don’t think because you’re not running a hospital that hiring people with average skills will work. Offer good salaries and benefits to bring in the cream of the crop.
  2. Equipment – As key as the right people in the right places is, don’t forget first-rate equipment. No, you do not have the financial resources of a big hospital. That said make sure you order the best supplies possible with the funds you do have available. You need equipment that is not going to be breaking down all the time. From X-ray machines to dialyzers and other devices, be sure your equipment is great. Part of this means having the right O-rings for medical equipment. With the right sealing solutions for your devices, there’s less chance they won’t perform.
  3. Safety – The last thing you’d want is someone fearing coming to your facility due to safety concerns. To ease such concerns, make sure you have a facility that is safe both inside and outside. On the inside, your operation needs to be clean and sterile. Not only does this mean taking care of your medical equipment, but also the floors and seating areas. You do not want a patient falling on a wet floor or from a chair that is not sturdy. As for the outside of the facility, make sure the parking lot has the proper signage and is lit well. You also need to make security a top priority. Patients should not feel scared about leaving their vehicles to walk to your doors. Last, make sure you have the proper video monitoring equipment throughout the facility. This not only protects the grounds, but also both your patients and your employees.
  4. Mission – Last, what is your medical facility’s mission? With the right mission statement from the day you opened your doors, you have a better chance of success. It is important that you convey that mission to your patients each time out. As part of this, make sure you stay on top of the image of your facility. In the event a patient leaves your place unhappy, there’s a good chance they will let others know about it. In doing so, your facility’s image could take a hit. Stay on top of what people are saying about your operation. Much of this will hinge on being aware of what patients say on social media. If one or more patients are putting negative publicity out there, do your best to counter it. It only takes one negative review to start an avalanche of bad publicity for your facility. If this is successful, your facility could begin to see a drop in patients. When this happens, your survival is then called into question.

In having the healthiest medical facility around, will you come away with a good checkup at the end of the day?

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