India is Poised to be the Largest Medical Tourism Hub

With general tourism on the rise all across the globe, India is an excellent magnet attracting foreign patients for medical treatments. With the volume of worldwide medical tourists expected to reach 5 million by 2016, a large share of this can end up boosting Indian medical tourism industry. Medical tourism, or broadly health & wellness tourism represents people from all around the globe travel to other countries for solving their health related issues including dental, medical & surgical care. There are a variety of factors which suggest that India could be the next crown prince shaping the future of the healthcare industry.


Supporting Facts from Global Medical Tourism

Quality health care solutions, cheaper international travel, growing pharmaceutical & insurance markets are increasingly contributing so as to make India a preferred medical tourist destination. More than 1.27 million tourists visit India every year from countries like UK, US & Canada alone. Estimates point out that growth of health related services could be almost 5 percent for the next 10 years at least. This should help further attract more visitors. Numerous global chain of hospitals like Apollo, Wockhardt, Max, Fortis & Tata have invested setting up modern hospitals with tourism related services to cater a new brand of visitors from abroad.

Affordable Low Cost Medical Solutions

Economic advantages of an English speaking India providing several medical procedures cannot be denied. A heart bypass roughly costs about $140,000 in the US without any insurance. A similar operation matching in quality will be available for $7,000 in leading hospitals. Many other procedures like knee & hip replacement, gastric bypass, face lift, CyberKnife or GammaKnife are far more affordable in India including the cost of accommodation & travel when compared with costs in the West. Additionally, cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance in western countries. Moreover, India features scores of top-notch facilities for pediatric & open heart surgeries that are equipped with the best & latest medical equipment. Medical travel to India can also positively include complimentary alternative medicine & rejuvenation therapies like Ayurveda, Yoga, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Unani & Sidha which is already popular among tourists.

Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai - Medical Hotspots

As per governmental statistics more than 55 percent of foreign medical tourists chose these metro cities to access a variety of medical solutions to their problems. Most possible reasons influencing this trend may include high-quality of hospital care, quality of hotels including serviced apartments & additional tourism opportunities.

Excellent Healthcare Infrastructure

Healthcare facilities in India are acutely aware of quality perceptions of medical tourists, especially those coming from the west. This is the reason why most Indian hospitals meet requirements of US standards like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Joint Commission for Accreditation (JCA) for hospitals in order to dispel any notions. With able support coming from the IT industry, health industry as a whole is now developed & well organized to cash-in a wind-fall. Basic healthcare infrastructure & services in India are in top mode while the government is reducing barriers for tourists visiting the country for medical purposes. With an ever-growing need for cheaper healthcare & complex health insurance policies in UK & US, medical tourism industry in India can strategically target neglected population of prospective patients seeking a cheaper alternative to their health concerns.

Combine Tourism

Travcure is one of the fastest growing medical tourism companies in South Asia. Travcure medical tourism consultants are aware of these facts & know both healthcare & tourism equally well. Moreover, they are determined to contribute effectively to the growing Indian healthcare industry by carving out a niche market of quality medical services in a global context.


Lower treatment costs in no way mean any type compromise on quality within the Indian medical tourism industry. With an excellent healthcare infrastructure in place to fulfill global aspirations, Indians will have no one else to blame if they fail. Nevertheless, Indian medical tourism industry is likely to grow at the rate of 30% which should eventually make it become a $2 billion industry by the end of 2015.


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