How to Overcome Your Problem of Vertigo Imbalance?

Vertigo is a common problem that has affected the majority of the population. Vertigo is not a disease itself, rather its a symptom of various ailments. A recent survey reports that it is commonly found in people between the Age group of 30 to 60 years. A Vertigo imbalance makes the life of a person quite difficult by creating hindrance in daily tasks. When a person experiences a spinning sensation it is referred to as vertigo. A person suffering from vertigo imbalances may experience whether the nearby environment is spinning or the person is spinning all by himself. Mild vertigo bouts can be treated well at home with certain natural vertigo home remedies, it works as the best treatment for vertigo. But, if you are experiencing repeated episodes of vertigo, it becomes necessary to consult a doctor to get advice on the best balance disorder treatment. Vertigo can be caused due to several reasons, ear injury or infection, head injury, migraines are some of the common causes of vertigo.

A study reports a majority of people who are diagnosed with vertigo, suffered from BPPV vertigo. It stands for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which is caused due to deposition of calcium crystals in the inner ear, which blocks the vestibular system. It is responsible for sending signals from the inner ear to the brain. The blockage in vestibular nerve results in sending unclear messages to the brain, which makes the person feel off balance.

Meniere disease is an inner ear disorder that is responsible for causing vertigo imbalance in a person. The fluid build-up in the inner ear causes such a situation in a patient, which can later result in hearing loss or tinnitus, if not treated on time. As soon as you start observing symptoms of vertigo, diagnosis of the underlying cause is a must. Consult an expert neurologist for vertigo imbalance cure and get the right vertigo disease treatment on time. You can even treat the same with vertigo home remedies and vertigo exercises if the case is mild. Let’s go through some ways, in which doctors and home remedies help you in overcoming the problem of vertigo imbalance.

How to treat vertigo imbalance?

As we have discussed earlier, vertigo is not a disease but a symptom of various diseases. Identifying the underlying cause is a must. Mild vertigo spells get resolved itself over time or by following certain healthy lifestyle habits. Prolonged episodes of vertigo seek medical attention, consulting a neurologist is recommended to get the right balance disorder treatment.

Some home remedies and medical treatments can be used for vertigo treatment to resolve the case of spinning sensations. Living with such a feeling is quite difficult as it can even risk the life of a person. A person may require help in completing daily tasks like walking, crossing the road, etc. which is quite frustrating for anyone. Let’s have a look at some home remedies and medical treatments that are used to treat vertigo imbalance.

Have a look at some vertigo treatments that help in overcoming vertigo imbalance:

  1. Repositioning maneuvers

Repositioning maneuvers are considered to be an effective balance disorder treatment suggested by doctors. Epley maneuver is the most common vertigo exercise, that is suggested by doctors to practice at home for vertigo imbalance cure.

Practicing Epley Maneuver at home helps in treating BPPV vertigo or inner ear issues. It can help in alleviating vertigo symptoms to a greater extent. Regular practice and the right postures and techniques can help you to ease vertigo within weeks. It helps in repositioning the calcium crystals deposited in the inner ear.

It is advised to practice Epley maneuver in the presence of another person as you may feel slightly dizzy just after completing the set of exercises. Brandt Daroff exercise is another repositioning exercise that helps in vertigo treatment. Primary symptoms of BPPV vertigo are treated well with the Brandt Daroff exercise. Foster, Semont maneuver and Barbeque maneuver are some other exercises that are suggested by doctors to treat vertigo after diagnosing the underlying cause.

  1. Diet rich in vitamins is of much help

Almonds are well known for their benefits around the world. Almonds are a rich source of vitamins that helps in combating vertigo issues. Eating a handful of almonds daily helps in treating vertigo imbalance issues. You can eat almonds separately or mix it with the milk and gulp it. A diet rich in vitamin D helps in reducing vertigo spells and is considered as a natural and best treatment for vertigo. Orange juice, milk, fresh meat are rich sources of vitamin D, including all or any of these in the daily diet helps in treating vertigo imbalance issues. It is suggested to go on a low salt and no caffeine diet completely if you are diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.

  1. Ginger tea is the best treatment for vertigo

Ginger is a beneficial ingredient that is counted as the best treatment for vertigo. Sip ginger tea twice a day to cure vertigo issues. Roots of ginger can treat vertigo imbalance issues to a greater extent. A study reports that ginger roots are as effective as certain vertigo medicines to treat the vertigo issues in a patient. Boil ginger roots in water and let it sit for 5 minutes before drinking the tea. Drink it daily to alleviate symptoms of vertigo.

  1. Medications

Doctors may prescribe certain vertigo medications if the situation doesn’t seem to ease with home remedies and vertigo exercises. A prescribed dose of medications should be taken by patients of vertigo. Medicines like Vertin, Stugeron, Stemitil, etc. are counted as the best medicines for balance disorder treatment, which are generally prescribed by doctors to eliminate the bouts of vertigo. Vertigo medications can ease out the initial stage of vertigo imbalance.

  1. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy

If a patient is suffering from bouts of vertigo due to Meniere’s disease, doctors may recommend undergoing vestibular rehabilitation therapy. The patients diagnosed with Meniere’s disease are advised to go on a low salt or no salt diet. If the severity of the condition is complex and cant be treated with Betahistine, Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is advised by doctors as a balance disorder treatment to combat the issue.


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