Holistic Drug Solutions Dominating the Rehab Market

ddfIn a world where addiction is high on the list of socio-economic problems, treatment centers are popping up in every major city and many in outlying towns and villages as well. From drugs to food to gambling to sex, it seems as though we are living in a society that suffers from one form of dependence or another. As a result, many experts are looking at holistic drug rehab solutions that provide a healing of body, mind and spirit. This holistic approach to recovery is dominating the rehab market and for very good reason.

Finding the Ultimate Cause of Addiction

In his many years in the drug rehab arena, Per Wickstrom, CEO of Choices Recovery, has found that it is often quite difficult to pinpoint the ultimate cause of a person's addiction. While sometimes the road that led to addiction started with prescription pain killers after a horrible injury or much needed surgery, other times there is an emotional or spiritual void that needs to be filled. Sometimes the psychological pain is so intense the addict simply started out looking for the pain to be numbed. Often there is no line of demarcation between what the underlying cause of addiction is that a holistic approach offers the best chances for success.

What Is a Holistic Approach to Drug Rehab?

For those seeking answers and looking for successful rehabilitation for yourself or a loved one, you might not exactly be sure what a holistic approach to drug rehab entails. By using the term ‘holistic' the general thrust is to seek ways to treat and heal the entire person. Many of the most common holistic methods include such things as:

  • A healthy, oftentimes organic, diet
  • Meditation and guided imagery
  • Physical activities to both soothe and strengthen the body
  • Prayer and faith-based therapy for those of a spiritual inclination
  • Psychological counseling

Since a holistic approach entails treating the whole person, it is important to look at each individual to determine their core beliefs. Holistic treatment makes an assessment on the addict's state of mental and physical health but also takes into account any religious philosophies that have an impact on just who that person is - what makes him or her tick. Sometimes this is the ultimate key to unlocking the door to recovery so the spiritual aspect of rehabilitation is an integral component.

Addiction Is a Universal Problem

Whether the addict lives in South Bend, Indiana or in Los Angeles, California, addiction is a universal problem and the number of active addicts is growing by the day. In looking at more traditional modes of drug rehab, it is apparent that something is missing in the kind of treatment given to the addict. Many drug rehab facilities treat the problem with another potential problem such as is the case of treating heroin addiction with methadone. In the eyes of many, this is substituting one addictive substance with another, compounding the issue.

Addiction is a common problem that afflicts so many people all over the country, from all walks of life. Traditional therapies have made a significant amount of headway but addiction is still a major issue in the United States and around the globe. If drug rehab is to be successful, the underlying root cause of addiction needs to be addressed and since it is not always apparent what that cause is, the best chances for successful recovery is to treat the whole person. That's holistic drug rehab in a nutshell and why it dominates the rehab market by offering the greatest chances for success.

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