GIBL's Health Insurance Offerings in India

GIBL is an online tool that allows users to compare health insurance policies from various companies in India and purchase the right ones. The tool is aimed at helping people choose the best insurance package for themselves and their family from a wide range of options. The website is partnered with organizations like Reliance General Insurance, ICICI Lombard, Max Bupa and many more reputed Indian and international organizations providing their services in India. GIBL allows users to choose from over 150 insurance policies from over 25 brands. The entire network of insurance policies covers more than 10,000 hospitals throughout India.

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Key highlights of GIBL's offerings

All of the health insurance policies that can be compared on GIBL's website have to meet GIBL's criteria and only the highest quality plans are selected. Let's take a look at some of the features of GIBL.

Health Checkup: All health insurance policies on offer at GIBL offer free health checkups. You can avail multiple health checkup options for completely free with your insurance packages. The health checkup options are provided as a preventive measure to identify any potential threats to health in an early stage.

Pre-Existing Disease: One of the key advantages of GIBL is that users can purchase insurance policies even if they have preexisting health conditions and disorders. One of the advantages of having such an insurance policy is that the insurance providers are always prepared for settling insurance claims against treatment, and the policies can be claimed quicker in the process.

Maternity Benefits: GIBL has the option of getting maternity benefits added to the packages. Add on covers allow expecting mothers to take care of their medical expenses at the time of the birth of their children, without having to worry about finances.

Child inclusion in packages: Users have the option to add a child of up to 25 years in age in the insurance packages. Family based packages are available in both floater and non-floater variants. All family insurance packages are renewable, and users are allowed to extend their packages with minimal paperwork.

Claim process for insurance policies

If the holder of a policy is admittedin a network hospital, then the insurance company will directly remit all the coverage expenses to the healthcare provider. If the insurance claim needs to be claimed from a non-network hospital, the policyholder or a family member needs to fill up a specific form that will allow the insurance company to process the insurance package.

Advantages of choosing a GIBL Insurance plan

  • Tax exemption benefits allow policyholders to save tax under the Section 80D.
  • Instant processing and the healthcare policies become active as soon as the documents are verified.
  • Lifetime renewal options allow policyholders to renew the insurance packages after expiry without too much paperwork.
  • Free checkups included with all policy purchases.

These are some of the key advantages of choosing GIB Insurance plans online.

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