Find Out How Infertility And Adoption Became Big Business

adoptionMost people, who are dealing with infertility as a patient, are those that are seeking to have a child and they are the ones that are wrapped up in the emotional turmoil of the situation. They are the people who are publicized and sometimes criticized if they are in any way famous. And then there are the fertility clinics that render the service. There is however, another side of the coin that most do not see or even hears about. Those are the people that drive the big business that is fertility. Then there are the groups of pining parents to be that wait patiently to adopt. With the advent of Preimplantation Genetic Screening, this process is better because there is more of a chance to have healthy children although plenty of controversy still surrounds it.

So What Is The Chain Of Command So To Speak When It Comes To The Business Of Fertility?

Can you guest mate where it all starts, what goes on behind the scenes, and where it ultimately ends? Well, it entails a lot more and includes a lot more people than you may think, even those you may not have thought to equate to fertility.

Business is business and anything that takes place on a global-level is something that will affect the global economy. Wow, that is a lot of claim for one industry, only that industry is a 2 Billion dollar industry, and here is how it got there in simple terms.

Supply and demand for essentially a product that people are willing to spend their last dime for is what supports it.

– First, infertile parents are willing to invest incredible amounts of money in treatments that were not available to them previously.

– Second, clinics are investing in the most state-of-the-art equipment; which brings major profit to companies supplying them.

– Third, the pharmaceutical companies are investing in the best IVF drugs available and marketing them directly to the public which is who fill those clinics that are performing Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and IVF.

– It then trickles down to the companies that manage the infertility clinics that trade on Wall Street and made a profit for investors.

- Then there are the Brokers that will charge their fees for assisting hopeful parents in finding egg donors and surrogates.

So What About Adoption?

Adoption is also on the rise as those that IVF does not resonate well with or those who have moral issues with procedures like Preimplantation Genetic screening. Adoption, as a business, runs along the same lines as the infertility process does. The high birthrate of young single moms is what is fueling this business on a global level as well as babies who are abandoned due to the death of a parent and a myriad of other unfortunate situations.

In conclusion, regardless of these two delicate processes being big business, this should not curtail anyone who wants a child away from having one. Look at it this way, if it is not an investment in money for Preimplantation Genetic Screening or IVF then it is an investment in time, love, and energy and either way what you are offering a child with no one is everything.

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