Choosing the Right Spa for Your Health

feet spaVisiting a spa is a great way to relax and let go of the stress, but it's not always a healthy option. Most people would choose a spa that has the best reputation and the best treatments. People rarely consider their health when they visit these establishments. It's always a good idea to choose a spa that wouldn't harm you in any way, and still offer all the benefits that you want from it. Consider the following points before you plan your next spa trip. It would benefit your health.

Make a List of Your Allergies and Your Health Problems

There are several spas who'll ask their clients to fill out forms with details about allergies and other such problems. That way, the technicians would know which products would be unsafe for you. There are several spa products that use chemicals.

You might not react well to certain chemicals. Allergic reactions to spa products do happen from time to time. If you inform your spa technician about your health problems, you might be able to avoid any complications stemming from spa treatments.

For example, people with asthma would need to avoid products and treatments involving fumes. People with diabetes need to be particularly careful with their feet and avoid infections. You can still enjoy the benefits of a spa pedicure chair massage if you wish it. Those can be very relaxing.

Check the Reputation

The reputation of the spa is the biggest indicators of its operational standards. Customers will notice if the spas don't follow the proper hygiene procedures and today, such things just can't be hidden. If a customer knows that a spa isn't following good hygiene standards, they'll announce it on social media, review sites, and through word of mouth.

You have easy access to information, all you need to do look into the highest rates salons and spas in your area and read the reviews. You can also ask your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for advice. Reputation would also allow you to know if they offer good services.

Accompany Your Friend

If you intend to follow your friend's recommendation, accompany them for a visit to the spa. This would allow you to judge with your own eyes, the hygiene standards and the service provided by the spas. You can inspect the spa equipment, including things like pedicure chairs, spa products, etc. Usually, spas don't mind a friend or relative accompanying a client. They might even know that you're there to judge their service.

You need to check whether the technicians properly clean the equipment before using it on a client. You should also check if everything the technicians use is sanitized well. The spa, in general, should look clean and the technicians should work methodically. You might be able to notice if the cleaning and sanitizing is actually a part of the routine.


Licenses are the most important aspects in determining the right spa for your health. You need to be sure that the spa is a licensed and insured business. You should also make sure that all the technicians working in the spa have their relevant licenses as well. To acquire and keep the license, the spa would need to observe a state-mandated safety standard. Such spas usually sanitize everything from nail files to pedicure chairs. They're safe to visit and get spa treatments in.

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