Best Places for Knee Replacement

knee_replacementA free seminar on the knee replacement was organized on June 24, at the Oasis Physical Therapy in Kennewick. The experts have discussed about the pros and the cons of undergoing total knee replacement surgery. They also highlighted regarding the appropriate time to have this surgery.

The seminar also included discussion about the implants, various surgery methods and the post-operative care. It also incorporated the discussion about how the physical and aquatic therapy helps to speed up the recovery.

If you are suffering from knee pain, the first step to get the knee pain is by attending the free educational seminar regarding the knee replacement surgery. You should know about the causes of knee pain, total knee replacement and newer treatment options.

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Best Places for Knee Replacement

Knee replacement Surgery in the United States

The researchers have analyzed a data from a large study of almost 200 men and women with aching knees who had undergone replacement surgery. As per the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the total number of knee replacements performed every year has seen an increase of nearly 61% in both men and women in the age range of 45 to 64. Experts estimate that in 10 years, there could be about 3.2 million knee replacement surgeries each year. The surgeons and medical team in the United States uses better materials and techniques to improve the longevity of the treatment. The United States offers the knee replacement surgery at very high costs ranging from $45,500 to $75,000.

Knee replacement Surgery in the United Kingdom

The knee replacement surgery involves replacing a damaged, worn out or disease knee with an artificial joint. More than 70,000 knee replacement surgeries are carried out in the United Kingdom each year. Most people over the age of 65 years undergo total knee replacement. For most people, a knee replacement lasts over 20 years, specifically when you care properly and not put extreme strain. The costs for this surgery in the UK is about 12,843 USD.

Knee replacement Surgery in Canada

The knee replacement in Canada has been increasing over the last 20 years. The increasing popularity for replacement surgery in Canada also increases the wait times to see a surgeon, leaving the patient in pain. The Canadian government has prepared a national model for reducing the wait time for patients and provide support as well as care for more patients. This model takes care to streamline the access and improve the efficiency of best practice. The price of this treatment in Canada is about 14,642 to 16,236 US dollars.

Knee replacement Surgery in Australia:

A knee replacement surgery in Australia will be performed for patients who have been diagnosed with an advanced osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Usually, the patients who are no longer responsive to the non-operative measures like anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy and weight loss are subjected to undergo this surgery. The modern day knee replacements are successful to treat the end stage of arthritic knee pain and immobility. It is never really late to replace the knee until the pain isn't interfering the quality of your life. Over 85% of the replacements will help you achieve a good pain free functional result. It is recommended to talk with your surgeon about your medical condition and then choose the appropriate treatment. The costs of this treatment is about 13,640 USD in Australia.

Knee replacement surgery in India

Patients who have opted for the knee replacement surgery in India have substantially reported much less knee pain and better physical functioning. India offers the replacement surgery at competitively low charges compared to the western countries. The Indian surgeons and medical team are highly qualified, experienced and expertise in this field. The medical team in India ensures to provide you better medical treatment and surgery by using the modern technology and equipments. The hospitals in India are equipped with world class facilities and have excellent infrastructure. This treatment costs only about 945 to 1,300 USD in India.

Patients with sore and creaky knees are comfortable in undergoing the replacement surgery as it promises improved mobility and reduced pain. If you are looking for undergoing knee replacement surgery abroad, then you can choose India as your medical destination. The medical journey to India will provide you with quality healthcare and treatment at affordable prices. The medical team and hospital staff here are friendly and make you comfortable throughout your medical tour.


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