Advantages of an Ambulance Stretcher

cdceqWhen a person becomes ill or is injured in some accident, there is an urgent need to help him get the necessary medication. For this, it might be required to take the patient to some other location. So, it is not going to be an easy task to move the patient around, especially when he is ill or injured. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the process of moving him from a place to another for treatment is done in a proper and smooth way.

A Stretcher for the Ambulance

So, what's the best way to perform such an action?

Of course, you'll need a great ambulance to ensure that the patient is moved from a place to the hospital properly. And with that, you'll also require a good stretcher to make sure that moving the patient from one place to another is smooth and without any problem. One of the best things that you can get to perform this action is an ambulance stretcher.

Loading on the Ambulance

One of the major advantages of using an ambulance stretcher is that it ensures that the stretcher can be loaded automatically on the ambulance. So, there is no chance of committing any human error while moving the patient from the stretcher to the ambulance. Hence, the patient is not likely to suffer from any injury and even the most serious patients can be sent to the hospital for treatment in an ambulance stretcher.

Turning Stretchers into Wheel Chairs

When you are using an ambulance stretcher, carrying a patient forward is not difficult at all. The stretchers can be turned into chairs when necessary. So, the patient can sit on it and the chair can be moved forward. These stretchers have wheels fitted to the bottom. So, they can be moved quite easily from one place to another. However, there are also foldable stands attached to the stretchers. Hence, these stands can be stretched when the stretcher is to be used in an extended position. The patient can lie down on it and the stretcher can be moved forward.

Checklist While Purchasing

When you are planning to purchase an ambulance stretcher for a hospital, you need to check quite a few things. For example, you’ll have to ensure that the stretcher is foldable. This is going to provide you with multiple benefits. While you can fold the stretcher and make it like a wheelchair. This will ensure that just a single person can handle it when the patient can remain seated on it. Besides, when the foldable stretcher is not in use, you can fold it to a smaller size and store it easily at some corner. It is sure to occupy lesser space than its counterparts, which cannot be folded.

Giving the Height to the Ambulance Stretcher

An ambulance stretcher needs to have a special feature. It can be easily given the desired height. The stands of the ambulance stretcher are folded in such a way that they can be extended to ensure that the stretcher can rest on them. In short, these stands, when extended, give the stretcher the appearance of a church truck. Moreover, each stretcher has a number of belts on it. So, the bodies of the patients can be easily strapped to the stretcher. This ensures that the patient can be moved around safely and would not fall down from the stretcher.

A Strong Stretcher

Like every stretcher, the ambulance stretcher also needs to have a basic quality. It must be strong. And for that, it is always a good idea to go for anodised stretchers. These metal stretchers come at a wide range of prices. When you are looking to go for a few ambulance stretchers for a hospital, you should have a proper budget. A set budget will help to ensure that you can get the best products without overshooting your financial boundaries.

When you are buying an ambulance stretcher, you should ensure that the portion where the patient will be made to lie down is soft and comfortable. The stretcher can be lifted at a part where the head of the patient is rested, helping him to sit at a reclined position. This is really helpful to ensure that the patient can rest properly when needed.


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