5 Misconceptions about High Functioning Addicts

Every person has a different journey from addiction to recovery, fraught with various challenges. The fact about substance addiction is that it is a personal affliction, which affects addicts and individuals around them in profoundly various ways.

Most individuals believe that addiction is a minor issue and they can control their habits. For functional addicts, their substance abuse or compulsive drinking is a minor blemish, which they can successfully hide from the world. In reality, these high-functioning addicts are always in denial regarding the seriousness of their addiction. If this sounds more like you or an individual you know, it is important to understand the following common misconceptions so that you can seek immediate help:

  1. Addicts Are Not Member of Society

Among the popular misconceptions regarding addicts is that they are homeless, staying in decrepit housing, and are simple to pick out based on their physical appearances alone. Most individuals also believe many addicts are dangerous criminals and violent. However, this is not the case because most of them might struggle with the addiction problem without noticing it.

Just because your friends have put their lives together on the outside, it doesn’t mean they are not suffering from a substance abuse disorder.

  1. Every Addict is Created the Same

The myth that addicts are all unemployed, low-income, low social-economic status, or minorities is not true. Some recent reports, which CDC published indicate that addiction might affect anyone.

When individuals are high functioning addicts doesn’t mean they cannot achieve professional success, continue to hold up appearances, and maintain a social network at home. Addiction may not last for long, though in most situations, loved ones cannot find out about the issue until it completely spirals out of control.

  1. Addict May Stop Anytime

Stopping addiction is not as simple as it sounds. Quitting a behavior such as cracking your knuckles and having dessert after dinner is simple, though, with addiction, there will always be problems, such as dependence, where you need a drug so as to function.

Depending on the substance, withdrawal from the dependency might be dangerous. Whether it is a family member or friend suffering from the addiction,intervention for drug and alcohol abusecan be a suitable solution to help the addict and handle dependency issues.

  1. Treatment for Addiction Needs to Be One-Shot Deal

Similar to most illnesses, substance addiction is a chronic disorder. To be sure, some individuals might stop substance use, or they might quit once they get treatment at a rehabilitation center.

However, most individuals who abuse drugs need long-term treatment, and in most situations, repeated treatments.

  1. Addiction is Moral Failures

This stereotype is challenging since there is a level of truth to it. Using a substance is a choice, particularly at the start. Unless the individuals got drugged without their knowledge, they willingly choose to abuse a substance. However, this doesn’t indicate that they chose the addiction path.

Some individuals can use a substance many times without getting addicted, while others might have used it only once when the addiction signs were established.

Concluding Remarks!

If you or a friend is suffering from addiction, you have probably heard many pieces of advice from individuals who don’t understand. This makes it challenging to sort out the facts regarding substance abuse from fiction.

Clearing the air regarding addiction misconceptions might help individuals understand the truth about substance use and provide more compassionate help to those in need.

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