5 Biggest Innovations That Will Change Healthcare As We Know It

Over the years, advancements in technology have significantly revolutionized the world. Various technological inventions are being implemented in different sectors, from the classroom to the courtroom, helping individuals perform their duties and complete their tasks easier, better, and more efficiently.

An area where technology is surely making a breakthrough is the healthcare system. Every day, new medical innovations are working to improve care and health outcomes, all for less cost, complexity, and time required by both the healthcare provider and the patient.

From the invention of various machines and devices used to give precise diagnoses to the creation of platforms that enhance patient record keeping, technology continues to drive the healthcare system forward and streamline the way people approach medical treatment.

Due to the vast amount of medical innovations, in this article, we narrow down the five biggest novelties that have disrupted the healthcare industry.

Remote care with virtual reality

Probably the greatest innovation in healthcare is the use of virtual reality. With the help of immersive, computer-generated technology, patients can now receive treatment from the comfort of their homes at any given moment using a VR headset. The headset places the individuals in a 360-degree virtual world where they can enter, move around and interact to reduce and manage pain, overcome fears and phobias and cope with various mental conditions.

To reap all benefits, it is important that you work with a licensed VR therapist or another medical professional from a reputable VR digital clinic to guide your care and provide you with personalized treatment based on your needs.

Development of cutting-edge devices

The advancements in technology have also helped with the development of various cutting-edge devices that improve the quality of life of patients. From the subdermal implant used to treat epileptic episodes to the mind-controlled exoskeleton used to help the disabled walk, there are many emerging technologies that have revolutionized healthcare.

For example, hearing aid domes are the latest invention offering boosted sounds and a greater frequency range to patients who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. In order to make the most of them, users should get acquainted with the different hearing aid dome sizes to determine their fit and receive better sound quality than ever before.

3D printing

3D printing is another great innovation that has taken over the healthcare industry in the past decade. This is an additive manufacturing technique which creates three-dimensional objects from a digital file to suit the physiological needs of individual patients. This includes the production of customized prosthetic limbs, cranial implants, or orthopedic implants such as knees and hips matching the anatomy of a single user.

Besides this, 3D printing has been vastly used in radiology to assist in diagnostic imaging without needing to perform dangerous or intrusive surgeries, as well as for the creation of new human skin using human plasma and skin biopsies to improve the quality of life of burn victims.

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is probably the most exciting invention in healthcare used by doctors to perform all kinds of complex procedures with more precision, less pain for the patients, lower risk of infections, shorter recovery, and better clinical outcomes.

The typical robotic surgical system includes mechanical arms with surgical instruments attached to them. The arms are controlled by a surgeon who sits at a computer console near the operating table which shows a high-definition, magnified, 3-D view of the surgical site. He can see the microscopic structures more clearly, leading to a more precise surgery. The precision is further improved with the superior dexterity of the robotic instrument which helps the surgeon operate in a more efficient way.

Electronic healthcare records

Another area where technology is changing the face of healthcare is in the transition from paper-based documents to electronic health records, commonly known as EHRs. These are digital platforms that handle patient data and provide medical professionals with a fuller, more holistic picture of a patient’s history so they can make better-informed decisions regarding their treatment.

Besides this, EHRs improve the communication between providers as they can share patient information through devices and secure networks. They can analyze health trends and disease patterns as well as update and expand upon a patient’s history while employing preventative care efforts and reducing medical errors.

Final thoughts

As is the case in many fields, technology seems to be also making major breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. New technological inventions are being implemented in various medical areas which help improve the performance of medical professionals as well as enhance the care and treatment of patients. From the creation of EHRs to the development of cutting-edge devices and machines, there are plenty of medical innovations that are completely changing the face of healthcare.

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