Your Body will Thank You for Switching to E-cigarettes

E-Cigarette-HSL-EC-04Smoking is a dangerous habit. Heavy smokers are much more likely to fall victims to lung cancer than non-smokers and this is a well-known fact. Smoking is also a very unpleasant activity especially for the non-smokers around you. But one of the biggest downsides to smoking tobacco is the immediate effects it has on your body.

Let's take a look at some of the things you will get back when you stop smoking and start using an e-cigarette:

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that every person needs in his or her system. Unfortunately, smokers destroy up to 50% of the Vitamin C in their bodies by smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vitamin C deficiency can cause joint pain, inflammation of gums, depression, fatigue and more. If you are a smoker, these symptoms probably sound familiar to you. The problem is that this is all caused by the smoke itself and therefore it also affects the people around you.

  • Other vitamins

Tobacco smoke will also affect the B-vitamins in your system in a negative way. Those vitamins are important as they help for better metabolism and many other body functions. Heavy smokers are known to suffer from dry skin and various problems related to blood production and oxygen uptake. Studies show that the levels of B-vitamins and other nutrients in the systems of people who use e-cigarettes are normal.

  • Better sleep

Heavy smokers often sleep less and not as well as other people do. The reason for this again is the harmful tobacco smoke which is also the reason why they are irritable all the time and easily annoyed by the little things.

  • More energy

We already mentioned fatigue, but the lack of energy is a serious sign that you should stop smoking tobacco and choose to start using e-cigarettes instead. When you switch to this healthier alternative you will immediately notice a difference in your energy levels. You will also be more inclined on doing different things and going out after work for example.

  • No coughing

The huge amounts of smoke and tar that your lungs take on a daily basis is the reason why you cough so much in the morning and continue to cough throughout the whole day. This is not going to get better unless you stop subjecting your lungs to these substances. E-cigarettes produce no smoke at all because there is no burning. Therefore what you will inhale and exhale is simply vapor which is harmless to you and the ones around you.

Simply quitting smoking will be enough to make your body healthier. But quitting is not always easy so using an e-cigarette instead is recommended. There are numerous flavors available for the liquid fillers and they come with varying levels of nicotine. If you want to kill your nicotine addiction completely you can start with the highest levels and gradually go down to 0% nicotine concentration. Then you can stop using your e-cigarette, but chances are you will continue as it is safe and a lot of fun.

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