Which Vegetables Keep You Full For Longer?

Don't we all wish for that secret food that would keep us full, not make us fat and not make us eat excessively? Well, we don't have that secret food but we definitely have substitutes for it. There are certain things that can enable our stomach to stop giving us those hunger pangs and can make our mind peaceful with what we've eaten. And I state, this can happen even if the person is obese and has a huge appetite. The only thing you have to know is: what to eat to keep yourself full for longer.

Why The Need To Stay Full For Longer?

Staying hungry isn't good. It is a really unpleasant feeling and affects us in the worst way possible. We are unable to concentrate on anything. We cannot get any work done. We are angry and annoyed at possibly everyone around us and it shows despicably in our manners. Dieting is not that easy. Suppressing the appetite is hard. And obesity is the easiest thing to come by when such delicious foods are present in the world, at such cheap rates. Fast food has done its work. This is why we need to stay full for longer. It is the easiest way to go on the road to weight loss. The process might be slow and it will take the body time to adjust to things but this way the hunger pangs will face a sort of relief.

Why Vegetables?

We all know how good vegetables are for health. We know that they do not have many calories and we know that they contain the entire nutritional value that our body so badly needs. There is a lot of fiber present in vegetables which is not digested by the body but rather egested. Vegetables are also high in water content. This is why we eat vegetables. This is why vegetables, specific ones, have been chosen as the food to keep you full for longer. In turn, this is how vegetables help us lose weight.

Five Vegetables That Keep You Full For Longer

These five vegetables should be in your daily diet, if you are on a diet that is. Vegetables are good for you and you can never have too many of them. Here are the special five:

• Spinach
We all remember the sailor man right? The way he used to take out the tin of spinach and suddenly be the strongest man alive, even being able to carry an entire ship on his arms in the middle of the sea. But his powers would disappear quickly. That is where they got it wrong. Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that keep you full for longer because of the high cellulose and fiber content. It aids in the bowel movements and helps your stomach feels satisfied. No calories are taken in as well because they are burned off during the entire digestion process!

• Broccoli
I can already see your faces at this name. Why broccoli? It is something you've detested since childhood. Well, time to love it. This is one vegetable that leaves ever-lasting taste, even if it doesn't seem good to you. And it keeps your hunger at bay for a long time.

• Asparagus
Not these aren't bad, are they? Asparagus actually contain specific vitamins and minerals that help satisfy your appetite. And since they do not have that many calories and are high in fiber content, you can even help yourself to a little more of this vegetable.

• Cucumbers
People in Asia usually eat cucumbers in a form of salad before dinner. Cucumbers are good appetizers but very few people know that they keep you full for long. If one doesn't have a meal after eating cucumbers, they won't really feel that hungry. Cucumbers have very few calories and have a lot of water in them. This is why they are really good weight loss food.

• Lettuce
This is again a commonly used vegetable in salads and sides. Lettuce is all fiber basically and it is crispy. Like cucumbers, this vegetable is also not considered to be a proper meal. However, one can have as much lettuce as they like, provided it is not fried or cooked. It also keeps your stomach full.


The smart way to weight loss, even if it takes longer, is to eat smart. These vegetables mentioned above can really help you. All you have to do is start eating them on a regular basis. Obviously, eating just these vegetables daily is not enough and you need to complete your daily nutritional content but a mixture of fruits and vegetables is just perfect. Eat these vegetables whenever you feel hungry. They will make your pangs disappear and you'll also be getting next to zero calories in the process. How good is that?

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