What is Casein and How to Take Casein Protein Supplements?

vfdvdvdgsIf you’re a fitness devotee that trains hard regularly and actively eats healthy foods, then perhaps you’re aware how important supplementations are. Even though supplements are not essential for results, they really accelerate the process on the other hand. The majority of fitness enthusiasts performs post workout or consume whey protein to acquire more, but in fact, that is not the only helpful form of protein.

On the other hand, there is another good source of protein which is the casein protein and according to some, it is much better than whey protein. Though, they can both offer benefits, especially to fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

The fact that protein supplementation works very well and provides an excellent deal of effectiveness when it comes to stimulating MPS or muscle protein synthesis, apparently there are so many brands of casein protein supplements that are currently out there. And for that reason choosing the best casein supplement is a bit overwhelming.

Nevertheless, let us first find out what exactly casein is.

What is a Casein?

Casein is considered as a dairy protein that is slow-digesting and individuals often consume as a dietary supplement. It also discharges amino acids little by little, that is why people consume it before bedtime to ease muscle interruption while they are sleeping. On the other hand, several studies prove that casein can also increase muscle growth.

When casein is ingested, it will form a lump in the belly that slows down the amount of gastric emptying. That is why casein can be digested gradually. Just like any other animal proteins, a casein can also be a good source of protein. And it can provide all the needed amino acids that are essential for body repair and growth. In addition, it contains several bioactive compounds and unique proteins and the majority of these comes with health benefits.

As what was mentioned above, there are so many standards options when it comes to the best casein supplement. However, the most popular casein supplements are calcium caseinate as well as milk protein while the most standard is the micellar casein.

How to Take Casein Protein Supplement?

Similar to other protein supplements, the amount of casein protein supplement you need to consume depends on your dietary protein goals as well as how much protein is taken from other sources. However, the dietary protein goal may differ from one person to another, though the overall guide is as follows:

  • If you’re a highly energetic person or an athlete who is currently in the process of losing body fats while maintaining a slim muscle form, then an everyday ingestion of 1.0 to 1.5 grams of a casein protein supplement would be an abundant target.
  • If you’re not aiming to change your body composition and you’re an inactive person, an everyday target of 0.8 grams and more would be enough.

Supplementation of a casein protein must be based in the prescribed amount that is needed to achieve these ranges. On the other hand, if you already reach the adequate amount of dietary protein, then supplementations are not necessary.

Nevertheless, overweight or obese individuals are not allowed to follow these recommendations simply because obesity would exceed the requirements.

Are Casein Protein Supplements Have Side effects?

Actually, the myth regarding high intake of protein can lead to severe illness has been discredited many times. However, direct reviews and studies have emphasized that taking too much protein has no bad effects on healthy persons.

But there is an exception, people who are currently suffering from liver or kidney disease needs to minimize their protein consumption. Nevertheless, casein protein is extremely safe for human intake, as discussed above, it comes with impressive as well as long-term health benefits.

Take Home Note

Casein is a form of dietary protein that helps recovery after a workout as well as can increase muscle growth. Consuming it can improve your health and it will also increase your daily protein consumption. In fact, it is a vital factor in muscle growth and weight loss.

Try to consume one to two scoops of a casein protein powder or drink a glass of milk before going to bed to lessen protein breakdown and improve recovery.

Nevertheless, casein is an extremely underestimated source of protein and for sure you won’t be upset if you try taking casein protein supplements or powder.

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