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Useful Weight Loss Tips

Lost and Gained weightWe all know the secret to weight loss - eat healthy and exercise to burn off the calories; yet, over two-third of the adult population in the US alone is coping with weight issues and obesity. Though this weight loss mantra may sound simple, sticking to it can be quite an ordeal for both the body and the mind in real life situations. The result is that same old story you are probably familiar with - you start with a weight loss regime bubbling with determination to emerge slimmer and fitter, but somewhere along the line the craving to grab that cupcake gets the better of you and it all goes downhill from there.

Making gradual but steady lifestyle changes can help you avoid a weight gain. Here are a few useful tips that can help you melt away those unwanted pounds effectively:

1. Know How Much Weight You Need To Lose

For the majority of people, the will to lose weight is a decision of impulse triggered by a pair of old jeans not fitting or visible belly fat. Such impulsive weight loss plans often end in fiasco. Calculate your current weight and BMI and compare it to the ideal weight according to your height and age, and set a specific target of the number of pounds you need to lose. As they say well begun is half done.

2. Increase Fluid Intake

A lot of people tend to gain weight because of a compulsive urge to consume something every now and then. Instead of gorging on snacks every time you ‘feel like having something', try taking a few sips of cold water. This way you'll satisfy your urge without piling on extra calories. If you are not a fan of water, you can experiment with infused teas or try stirring in a dash of citrus, juice or lemon in a glass of water. There will be enough to tickle your taste buds without the additional calories.

3. Don't Cut Back On All Your Favorite Foods

Sure enough a weight loss plan, which can be obtained by attending a weight loss retreat, involves regulating your diet, but it does not mean having to cut out all your favorite foods from your diet. The smarter way is to schedule your indulgences. For instance, if you are a chocolate fan, it is better to treat yourself to a small cube after breakfast or a good work out session instead of yearning for it all day long. Alternatively, you can set aside one day of the week to allow yourself to splurge on food.

4. Plan a Workout Regime

Before you hit the gym or adopt a workout regime, take time out to re-plan your daily schedule around it. It is likely that you have a packed day more often than not, and not allocating a specific time for a workout sessions in your routine will only keep you adhering to your workout plan

5. Be Consistent

You don't really require a strenuous workout, a combination of a few strength training and cardio exercises should suffice. However, the key to success here lies in regularity. Divide your workout into sessions, and spend at least 20 minute on each session five times a week, instead of indulging in one day of heavy workout and following it with a five-day break.

6. Kick the Butt

If you are a smoker, the habit is sure to come in the way of your ability to exercise. Kick the butt in order to improve your stamina.

7. Eat Smaller Meals

It is not just what you eat, how you eat it also plays an important role in determining the success of your weight loss initiative. Try dividing your food intake into four to six smaller meals instead of three big ones. Large meals slow down the body's metabolism and increase the body's tendency to process calories.

8. Avoid Eating Out

Food served in restaurants and food joints is twice as rich in calories as homemade food. Therefore, it is best to limit dinning out to special occasion. The same holds true for to-go meals. These often contain processed foods high in calorie content, and you should rule them out completely. Instead keep a stock of healthy to-go food options at home. If you have an early morning the next day, fix your meal the day before to avoid eating out.

9. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and known to increase the body's metabolic rate. Consume at least two cups of green tea - one in the morning and one before going to bed - for enhanced results. Also, it is preferable to brew your own instead of relying on pre-packaged versions.

10. Incorporate the Changes in Your Lifestyle

Weight loss often requires long, sustained effort. You must make a conscious effort to not relapse into your old ways that led you to weight gain in the first place. The aim should be to incorporate healthy changes as a part of your lifestyle in order to lead a healthier life.

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