Types of Brain Enhancement Supplements for Improving Brain Function

Would you love to have a sharp mind for as long as you would live, not forgetting dates, meetings or even that important meeting? Well, the obvious answer would be yes; as there is not a single person who would fathom the idea of not being able to live with a problematic memory, having to forget every so often. Well there is a way through which your brain activity could be boosted to enjoy the best state of mind ever. This is through the use of supplements for the brain. This help revitalizes the mind to allow clear and sharp mental focus of the brain. The supplements also help protect the brain against stress and anxiety, depression and dementia.

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There are numerous brain enhancing supplements in the market today, both natural and synthetic. For the best results, the use of natural supplements is highly recommended as these stimulate brain activity naturally and do not have side effects as is common to synthetic supplements. For best results, it is recommended that a mix of good healthy food and natural brain enhancing supplements be used. Below are some of the best supplements to include in the diet.
When it comes to synaptic activity, one of the most important supplements that you can make use of is DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid. This is a fatty acid in Omega 3 oil and is quite important in building brain cells, especially in young and growing children. Deficiency of DHA has been linked to various psychiatric problems and it is estimated that well over 70% of the general population are deficient of this brain enhancing supplement. The use of DHA has been shown to help in relieving symptoms and improving the wellbeing of patients with Alzheimer's, ADD, stress and anxiety as well as dementia. This supplement can be found in wild salmon as well as select seed oil.

Vitamin D is another crucial vitamin, especially because it is fat soluble. This works hand in hand with DHA to bring about mental clarity and general health. It helps in banishing anxiety, stress and depression and has been shown to improve memory and problem-solving ability. It is readily available from basking in the sun for one to get all its benefits. It is also an important supplement for heart health and maintaining bone density.

Another crucial vitamin for the brain is vitamin B12. This ensures one’s memory is in top condition and being quite forgetful may suggest of a deficiency of the vitamin. It has been shown to have poor absorption levels, especially among the old. This brain enhancing supplement can be sourced from animal protein. Studies have shown that its supplementation helps improve the symptoms of patients with Alzheimer's.

Another common cause of poor brain health are low levels of antioxidants. Since the brain uses about 20% of all oxygen inhaled into the body, there is a high chance that free radical damage may occur. Antioxidants work in the brain as brain boosters and thus are able to neutralize any free radicals in the brain. They also help prevent premature damage of brain cells and keep stress and anxiety at bay. These antioxidants are common in plants and berries. The higher the number of servings of fruit consumed per day, the better it is for a person.

L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, known as Alpha GPC is an important brain enhancing supplement that is available in the body in the form of choline. This is an important supplement in the development of brain membranes. Alpha GPC availability in the body as a supplement helps patients with Alzheimer's and also people who have learning disability. One of the best brain enhancing supplements that occur naturally and can help in boosting brain function is Bacopa Monnieri. This is a herb that has been used through the years in Ayurvedic practice to enhance memory, concentration and learning.

Other commonly used brain enhancing supplements that have been shown to improve function include Ginko Bilbao, which has been shown to spur concentration, reduce forgetfulness, headache, stress and anxiety. This is one of the most effective herbs in use for brain and general body wellness and its wide use around the world is testament enough of its benefits. A study conducted over a six year period on the use of Ginko Bilbao showed that its use helps in improving memory, visual-spatial judgment as well as increased attention spans. For the best results, always integrate an exercise regime with the brain enhancing supplements used.


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