Top Tips for Juicing Greens

Green vegetables are the best friend for good health. A portion of green vegetables when included in your daily diet, provide you with the nourishment and essential vitamins and minerals that are responsible for maintaining a healthy body.

On a more general note, most green veggies are a good source of Vitamin A, K, C and folate and have enough iron, calcium, and fiber to give you a boost of energy. Most of the time especially in Asia and sub-continents, people make vegetable curries to eat with bread. But you get most out of a vegetable when you juice it; this way, it’s minerals and vitamins are not lost, and you get the entire benefit of eating it.

So before getting down to telling you some fantastic juicing tips for greens lets us take A look, at the benefits of including greens in your diet:

  1. Green vegetables like green leafy vegetables help in improving digestion
  2. It also helps in managing the cholesterol level in your body
  3. Aids in maintaining good eyesight
  4. Provides you with healthy and nourished skin
  5. Iron in vegetables helps treat Anemia
  6. Boost immunity and helps in fighting many diseases
  7. Strengthens scalp and hair giving you nourished hair
  8. Helps in fighting free radicals in the body and integrates cells renewal
  9. Good for weight loss programme
  10. Boost the energy level in your body and increase your lifespan

Given these benefits, I wonder why people skin such an essential part of their meal and daily need. But as said the best way of including vegetables in your diet is by juicing them. Not everyone knows the secret of making a healthy yet tasty juice, and, so they end up making hard to drink fluids which further adds to the misery, and they finally give up on drinking juice.

So without keeping you waiting, here are seven most amazing tips on juicing green that are both tasty and healthy.

  1. The base for juice: It is essential to understand that you should always make a base for juicing greens. By support, I mean another vegetable like cucumber, lettuce or celery. Remember the key to finding best base is by having a vegetable that is high in water content this will help you provide water for your juice so that you do not have to add extra water. Also, it will enhance the taste of the drink that you are making.
  2. Leafy vegetables: leafy veggies are the core of a good juice. Most green leafy vegetables are high in fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamins and are very beneficial for your health. By leafy vegetables I mean, spinach, kale or any other native green leafy vegetables that grow in your area.
  3. Detoxifying herbs: the next big step into making a great juice is to add herbs that have detoxifying abilities. Like cilantro, basil and parsley, etc. when you add these herbs to the juice the juice not only become healthier, but it ends up tasting way much better. Selection of the kind of herbs too, depends on your native place, different herbs grow across the world, and you can get maximum benefit from herbs that are grown locally in your area.
  4. Adding the lime: Now, this is something that will give your drink the heart. Yes, adding some lemon drops to the glass will boost your spirits and provide you enough vitamin C, required by your body.
  5. Ginger power: another critical ingredient to making a great juice is to add ginger. Now, ginger has been known for its preventive and medicinal properties like, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, muscle relaxant and treatment of Nervine problems. So by adding few ginger roots to the juice, you are making the juice much healthier.
  6. Sweet tooth: for those of you who like to have a sweet tasting juice, adding an apple to the juice can work wonders. Other can also add beetroot, carrot or some honey to make the juice taste sweet.
  7. Salty twist: some of you might like the juice to taste bit salty so that you can add a pinch of table salt and fresh crushed black pepper to the juice. By adding green pitted olives, you can manage to change the taste of the fluid and make the drink full of energy and all the goodness

So, these were my tips on making a good tasting green juice but if one key ingredient in making all of this work is a good juicer for greens. Yes, this is very much true, unless you do not have the right appliance, you cannot do the job well.

If you have any questions, please ask below!