Top Superfoods for A Healthy Kidney

rf2334r3The kidneys are considered as vital organs in our body with many functions, including: blood filtering, hormones production, minerals absorption, acid regulation,… Normally, each one is born with a duplex kidney but some can live with just a single. Because the kidneys play an important role in general function of the body, they are so vulnerable that are badly affected by many various factors.

It is said that your diet may reflects your health in every aspect and kidneys’ health is included. Doctors advise you to drink plenty of fresh water daily to maintain a healthy kidney. Moreover, you should set your diet with nutrient foods. This article will point out some “superfoods” extremely useful for kidney’s health.

1. Cauliflower

Named in this list above all is cauliflower. Thanks to high amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C, fiber and folate, cauliflower helps neutralize toxic in the body. Furthermore, loading with a considerable amount of glucosinolates and indoles, this vegetable contributes to protect the cell membranes and DNA. Therefore, it’s undeniable to mention cauliflower in the list of superfoods for a healthy kidney.

You may consume this vegetable in poached or boiled. You may also add mashed potato to enjoy your meal.

2. Cabbage

The second food in this list is cabbage. Packed with phytochemicals property, cabbage helps ease free radicals which are likely to damage your cells. Moreover, cabbage is high in fiber, folic acid as well as vitamins C, B6, which can enhance kidney function along with nourish the kidneys.

You can have this boiled or steamed, whatever you find it easier to consume.

3. Egg whites

Among top superfoods, egg whites are believed to be one of the most amazing foods. In treating kidney diseases, egg whites act as a positive supporter to fight against the effects of them. It is due to the low phosphorous property but high in protein in their content. Vital amino acid in protein is useful for kidneys to function effectively.

You can have egg whites in boiled or to make sandwiches. You’re advised not to consume egg yolks as they can worsen your kidney problems.

4. Apple

It will be a mistake if you dismiss such an awesome food – apple. There must have a reason in saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Thanks to its health benefits, apples give up relieves for many health matters. To kidney health, thanks to anti –inflammatory, antioxidants and fiber properties, apples helps detoxify kidneys and protect them from getting stones.

The advice for you is consuming an apple a day to improve your kidneys from today.

5. Fish

The next food mentioned in this article is fish. This is an indispensable part in our life for its quality. Packed with omega – 3 fatty acids, fish helps your body store enough nutrients to strengthen your kidneys. Besides, protein in fish protect them from diseases and dysfunction.

It is recommended that you should have fish twice a week to maintain a health kidney. Some kinds of fish extremely useful are sardines, salmon, tuna and mackerel.

6. Olive oil

Olive oil is widely known as an anti-inflammatory agent. The presence of oleic acid in its content is useful to fight against inflammation and improve kidney functioning. Moreover, polyphenols and antioxidants in olive oil cooperate to reduce the oxidation. Therefore, the stones in kidneys may be lubricated and gradually eliminated.

You’re advised to use extra virgin olive oil as the antioxidants in its content are much higher than the normal kind. You can make use of olive oil by dipping bread or making salad.

7. Garlic

Garlic is considered as an incredible ingredient not only in the kitchen but also in medical industry. Containing anti-inflammatory, garlic can protect and fight against inflammation of kidneys. Moreover, antioxidants and anticlotting in this ingredient help the body clear bacteria causing damage to your kidneys.

You can use garlic combined with meals daily or consume raw.

8. Onions

Whenever you mention garlic, you cannot ignore onions. It is said that foods with low potassium are good for your kidneys. In fact, onions are regarded as a bright star in low potassium. Furthermore, due to abundant source of flavonoids and antioxidants, onions support your kidneys function better.

Onions can be used to cook in various meals or raw.

9. Red bell pepper

One more food listed is red bell pepper. For long, this pepper has been shown to contain high amount of fiber, folic acid and various vitamins. Despite that, potassium in red bell peppers is limited. It results in their abilities in detoxifying the kidneys as well as enhancing them.

You should eat them with tuna or chicken salad; otherwise, eat raw or roasted.

10. Red grapes

The last but not the least in this list is red grapes. Loading with acidic, red grapes help clean the bacteria leading to some matters in kidneys. Moreover, red grapes contain high flavonoids which can contribute to fight against cancer and inflammation.

You’re advised to grapes with red or purple skin. Take them as a snack or extract to get the juice.

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