Top Five Foods that Aggravate Inflammation

InflammationInflammation troubles seven out of ten Americans. It disrupts a person’s life and causes it to go off course. People suffering from inflammation try herbal pain relief, yoga, tai-chi and many other solutions, but nothing fully cures it.
What they need to understand is there’s no magic relief. Taking pills help, but changes in lifestyle help more. Many people in this country maintain dysfunctional lifestyle according to health experts, which aggravates the problem.

It sounds legit. A whole lot of us have a weakness for spicy junk food and are lazy enough to go the gym and work out. Keeping oneself fit by cardio and other exercises is an effective solution to prevent inflammation. So is unchecking those food from the diet list that exacerbate inflammation.

Some of those food are:

1. Gluten and Casein

Gluten and casein are proteins found in wheat and dairy. The proteins are common allergens and exasperate inflammation. The medical term for gluten allergy is called celiac disease. People who have it, suffer from arthritis too. The common sources of gluten are rye, barley, wheat and food made with their grains. Casein is obtained from dairy products such as whey protein products.

The two allergens not only aggravate arthritis, but various other types of inflammation. So identify the food that have them in large quantities and stay away from them.

2. Refined Carbohydrates

Health experts at “Osteopath Melbourne” insist us to eat brown rice instead of white rice because the latter contains refined carbohydrates that worsen inflammation. White rice is not alone as many other food such as white potatoes, white rice, french fries, and cereals contain it too.

Obesity is already a burning health problem in the United States. Processed or refined carbohydrate adds to that by escalating the obesity rate along with many chronic inflammatory health conditions. Any food with a high-glycemic index escalates the production of AGE products, which trigger inflammation.

3. Sugar

Avoiding sugar not only reduces the odds of diabetes, but it also alleviates chronic inflammation. Completely abandoning sugar is very difficult (if not impossible). Imagine your life without large ice cream bars, candies, desserts, and pastries. Difficult, isn’t it?

But if you can avoid it, or at least lower its intake, you’d be immensely benefited. That’s because processed sugar releases cytokines, which are a type of inflammatory messengers. Identifying the food items that have processed sugar in them could be difficult. What you need to do is check the list of ingredients on the packet. If you find fructose, sucrose or anything that ends with “ose”, be sure it has processed sugar in it.

4. Mono-Sodium Glutamate

Aka MSG, it increases chronic inflammation and causes the liver health to deteriorate. Asian food wasn’t as popular in the US two or three decades back as it is now. So many Japanese, Chinese and Thai restaurant have sprung up across the country. The majority of Asian dishes use soy sauce, which contains MSG. Ajinomoto, a food enhancer used in Chinese cuisine also contains it.

Advising you to stay away from Asian cuisine would be a racial advice. So, we are not going to give you that advice. What we can advise you is keep yourself from certain food such as noodles, soup mixes, salad dressings and deli meats because of the large amount of MSG in them.

5. Aspartame

Going sugar-free is not enough. You need to go Aspartame free too. What is Aspartame? It is a non-nutritive artificial sweetener. Over 4000 products across the globe contain it.

Aspartame is a neurotoxin. It affects our brains and can lead to an autoimmune disease. The immune systems of people, who are sensitive to it can attack it, activating inflammatory responses. The accrual of such responses may lead to autoimmune conditions.

Solution: Anti-inflammatory supplements

Just as not consuming the five types of food mentioned above is important, so is the regular intake of natural anti-inflammatory supplements. Those supplements are obtained from various food sources.

Try eating food rich in methylsulfonylmethane. Mostly the dairy products contain this compound; it helps fight pain and inflammation. In case you can’t fix your diet, visit a doctor’s chamber and get all the necessary advice from him.

Maintaining a healthy life is important as well. So live healthy, eat healthily and stop inflammation from bugging you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!