Top 5 Health Supplements for All Seniors

With a massive Baby Boomer population moving in their senior years, the stereotype of the older citizen is rapidly changing. With healthier lifestyles, improved diet and medical advancements, the average person is living a much longer lifespan than ever before. Seniors can range from anywhere between 55 and 100 years old which a huge margin for different medical needs.

The supplemental needs of a sedimentary and overweight senior at the age of 61, may be vastly different than what an active and healthy 73-year-old may need. Only your doctor can really tell you what you may need in the way of extra vitamins and minerals. All of your body’s systems can maintain better conditions when they are working in sync with each other.

As we age, our bodies ability to produce enough of the essential nutrients that sustain and active life can be greatly diminished. Because of the various other ailments that are associated with older age, you should consult your doctor about any changes or additions to your supplement diet. If you are going to purchase your supplements online to save money, make sure to deal with a reputable dealer like Standard Process who will insist on a professional health consultation prior to filling an order.

There are certain basic supplements that are fairly common and tolerable for most seniors that can help maintain your health in specific areas of your body. Take a look at the Top 5 most essential supplements for seniors.


As the building block of strong bones, Calcium is one of the most important minerals for seniors. If you are not getting enough Calcium in your diet, your body is at risk for brittle bones that can lead to serious injury. Post-menopausal women are especially affected by Osteoporosis and other bone issues due to low Calcium levels.

It is readily available in dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt, but for those that have a dairy-free diet, a Calcium supplement is a great addition to your health routine. It not only keeps bones strong, but it can also help improve muscle maintenance and hormone function so it is important to keep your levels strong.

Fish Oil

It’s been said that Fish Oil is like a natural cure-all that seems to help with such a wide variety of ailments that no one is really sure how it works. But, it does. From your brain health and the battle against Alzheimer’s and dementia to your heart and cardiovascular health. It is known to improve dry skin, ease muscle pain, reduce your risk of prostate cancer and relieve symptoms of depression. It is naturally high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are critical in preventing inflammation in every system in your body.


If your belly isn’t healthy, then the rest of your body will feel it. Probiotics, commonly found in dairy products like milk and yogurt aids in proper digestion and bowel health. As your body ages, your digestive system and tracts become slower and more delicately functioning. Diet can be a major issue for many seniors, especially when complicated by pharmaceutical prescriptions. ProBiotics have even been linked to improvements in patients with Crohn’s disease. Keep yourself regular and healthy with an extra serving of dairy every day or choose a quality supplement to add to your diet.


This is an amino acid that is naturally found in the body that is part of a coenzyme pairing that helps reduce the pain and swelling of osteoarthritis in many seniors. The enzymes purpose is to create an energy transfer between cells that is an important part in preventing inflammation. On a different level, through testing, it was discovered that patients who were taking SAM-e were reporting a decrease in their levels of depression.

As you age your body’s natural production of the SAM-e enzyme is drastically reduces and for maintaining your mobility a supplement is recommended.

CoQ10 / Ubiquinol

A powerful antioxidant that is vital to the process of cell energy exchange that keeps your cardiovascular systems healthy and your major organ functioning. The body naturally produces CoQ10 and then converts it to Ubiquinol as the exchange. For seniors looking to improve their CoQ10 you must look for Ubiquinol as a supplement since that is the converted product that your body needs. As your body ages, it will still produce CoQ10 but will slowly lose the ability to convert itself into the much-needed Ubiquinol.

As we get older, the more we need to take more care of our bodies. Besides eating healthy, health supplements are the best partner to make us healthier.

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