The Dukan Diet - Even Kate Middleton is Crazy about It!

Kate, Duchess of CambridgeThe Dukan Diet is nothing new in the celebrity world however, more and more people are trying it every day aiming to live, feel and look better. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge tried the Dukan Diet a long time ago and she keeps on following the regime, which results in her quick post pregnancy weight loss and her amazing figure. The Duchess has influenced her mother and her sister to try it out too and they are all feeling and looking better through proper nutrition and healthy food.

Pierre Dukan is the French doctor who is behind this amazing diet and he says that his easy to follow menu plan is the reason why the French women look so thin without exercising or avoiding croissants. So, here is what you need to know if you wish to lose those extra centimeters and get your beach body in gear.

Attack Phase

This first phase of the diet plan will limit your food intake to just protein. I know that egg whites are the only true source of protein but you can try and find foods that are as close to pure protein as possible. For example you can eat lean meat, seafood, fish, dairy products that are nonfat and of course poultry.

This step is very easy for everyone that has tried it because protein can keep you feel full at all times. If you want to lose just a little weight then this stage requires only two days of your time. However, if you are aiming to lose lots, then keep to it for 7 days.

Cruise Phase

This phase introduces the alternate to protein. You are supposed to eat the same protein foods from stage 1 but you have to introduce days for fresh or cooked vegetable. You can eat as many as you want. There is no limit. Keep swapping the two and you will burn a ton of extra calories. You have to stay in this stage until you reach your desired weight. Dukan recommends 5 days for every pound you wish to drop. Although it seems like such a long time to be stuck in this stage, the quantity of food completely satisfies your hunger and you wouldn't feel the lack of variety.

Consolation Phase

Finally, after the cruise phase, you are allowed to add up to 2 bread slices and a portion of cheese and fruit to the daily intake. You can also include carbs and two so-called ‘'celebration'' meals once a week.

The duration of this phase depends on the pounds you have lost. For every one pound, you stay in this phase for 5 days. This stage can be quite long but Dukan believes that people put on weight very quickly after a diet because they start with the heavy foods without giving the body the time to keep the achieved weight.

Stabilization Phase

In this phase you are going back to your normal eating habits however, Dukan advises to eat as much as you want from the healthy foods. One day a week you should go back to the Attack phase.

The Dukan Diet really works and we can see that in many women and men that have tried it. The Duchess of Cambridge is just one of the royals that have gone to this weight loss plan when she gave birth to Prince George. Now, she tries to follow it as much as she enjoys the feeling and the looks this diet gives her.

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