Suppressing the Appetite the Easy Way

There are reasons unknown to common dieters because of which most diets fail. Perhaps it is because that in the end no one can suppress so those snack cravings in between healthy meals. Although this may kill the diet, but having short meals at short intervals is actually a natural process. What you can do is to snack on healthy foods which can keep your hunger under control. Below in this article are mentioned 10 such foods which can help you lose weight the healthy way. So carry on…

1. Porridge and Cereals

Perhaps some of the carbs might actually be bad for you and it is especially those refined products that are high in glycaemic index or GI like rice, pasta and white bread. They boost the blood sugar level instantly before it comes crashing down again in a little while making us wanting more. Porridge therefore is a very good alternative which releases its energy very slowly into the body and suppresses appetite for a very long time.

2. A Couple of Eggs

Dieters often switch to low-fat and low-calorie eggs, however a better substitute is to go for a high-protein diet because a recent research done at Purdue University, Indiana proved that a diet with high protein suppresses appetite as proteins are hard to break down in the body and hence it provides a fuller feeling for a long time. Therefore having a couple of eggs for breakfast will easily take you through to lunch.

3. Simply Pure Water

One of the most surprising things in this world is that water is one of the best diet foods as it is a powerful suppressant of appetite besides being abundantly available and free, and yet people still don’t drink enough of it throughout the day. Hunger pangs are actually signals by our body to the brain that it needs to be hydrated again, so we refill it. However if the snack is substituted by a simple glass of water, you will realize that the craving leaves only after 10 minutes. It is also a very good idea to partly fill your stomach with some water before starting the meal so that there is no place to gulp down extra calories.

4. Hot Chillies

Red Chillies have more substance in them, other than just making the dish fiery. Apparently a research showed that it contained a substance calledcapsaicin which acts as a great appetite suppressant. Not only that, it can also boost up the metabolism and help you digest the food easily. It is also shown through study that it especially does wonders for those who rarely eat these chillies.

5. The Fatty Avocados

Food products that are high in fat content are usually thought of as trouble foods where diet is concerned. However good fats, known as the unsaturated fats which are present in olive oil and avocados are actually very good for the body as they give the body a feeling of fullness long before we have eaten to our heart’s content. Aside from that these fats also trigger the production of oleic acid in the body, which kills hunger pangs.

6. Rich Cinnamon

Cinnamon – a rich spice from nature that has a lot to do in suppressing the appetite. Cinnamon actually lowers the production of insulin after one has had his meal. This is very advantageous as insulin turns the sugar into fat to be stored in the body. Therefore cinnamon prevents that from happening. Moreover it also prevents our stomach from getting emptied too quickly, thereby giving the body of being full and satisfied

7. Yummy Dark Chocolate

It is very unnatural for a body to totally give up the sweet cravings; and as long as they remain under check there is nothing wrong with it and who can ever resist chocolate. However the dairy chocolate has a very good substitute in the market – dark chocolate. Dark chocolate especially the one that has almost 70% cocoa can actually do a lot of good for the body. Not only does the dark chocolate give a good supply of antioxidant, it also slows down the digestive process because of the stearic acid present in it. Slowed digestion again gives the feeling of being full for a longer time. As compared to the dairy counterpart, dark chocolate reduces cravings as proven by researchers present at the University Of Copenhagen.

8. Small and Frequent Meals

Of course a lot of people have the habit of eating three main meals in a day; but if you were told the benefits of having five but smaller meals you would surely switch to that. Smaller meals taken at short intervals keeps the blood sugar level under check thus preventing sharp cravings. Having a nutty snack or one with vegetables is a very good idea to maintain a healthy equilibrium of the body.

9. Night Full of Sleep

Even when you are allowed to stay out late, it is not very healthy for the body to do so especially if you are looking to lose weight. A body that has a poor night of sleep will end up craving for snacks full of carbs the next day. This is because less amount of sleep makes the level of leptin fall and that of ghrelin to rise. Both these compounds influence the appetite. Abnormal levels of these compounds end up in cravings and hunger pangs; therefore a good night’s sleep is necessary for everybody.

10. Ignore the Hunger Pangs

Sometimes it is good to just let the hunger pangs vanish before giving in to them. You would perhaps notice that these pangs last for almost 15 minutes. It is ok to trick them with a glass of water or to ignore them by doing other household chores. But if you notice that these cravings are not going away then maybe it really is time for you to eat something and rather than dumping all sorts of food in your stomach at this time go for one of the small healthy snacks.

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