Nutritional Drink for Safer Pregnancy

Good nutrition is highly important during pregnancy because it will help meet the needs of your growing baby, prepare you for lactation and maintain your overall health. All you need to meet these needs is a well-balanced diet for the two of you not a lot of food.
Fresh fruit juices

Many women over time have believed in the myth of eating some specific foods to ensure optimal pregnancy outcome. Truth is there are no specific foods that will ensure you get a better pregnancy outcome, always ensure you eat a balanced diet.

Singapore, through its department of Nutrition and Dietetics, have always advised their pregnant women to take special care when it comes to their diets. Singapore has been on the forefront in educating their pregnant women to differentiate between food myths and truths to maintain a healthy pregnancy. They have maintained a very front line in teaching them on how to eat a well-balanced diet all through their pregnancy. Singapore government has been on the forefront ensuring that every Singaporean receives the right information to enable them make the right decisions. You cannot afford to make a poor choice especially when you are pregnant, it becomes a very costly decision in future

Most people have only learnt how to eat healthy and changed their diets to suit the right methods. But very few ever ask themselves what they are supposed to be drinking. Pregnant mothers ought to know what exactly to drink and what to avoid during this important period to ensure they are receiving the right nutrients for both of them.

What is a safe drink to Pregnant Mothers?

It is essential to learn what to take and what to keep away when you get pregnant. During this time your body requires special nutrients and minerals to feed the growing life. It is vital to feed and drink the right way to ensure you remain healthy throughout the nine months and most of all avoiding getting sick.
The healthiest nutritional drink for a pregnant mother include:

  • Low fat milk or skim milk is best for pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers as they both contain vital nutrients like phosphorous, calcium and protein. Full cream milk on the other hand is full of calories and fat that are not healthy at all.
  • Citrus juice is great for your health and baby’s development. Many have argued that it causes asthma to your child way before they are born but this only a myth. There is no evidence today that supports these claims thus pregnant mothers are advised to take them.
  • Cow’s milk is healthy filled with calcium for your bones and the development of your baby’s bones. Ensure you take controlled quantity because those mothers who take too much tend to develop a dislike towards it.
  • Drink decaffeinated tea or coffee in between meals to reduce the negative effect they bring in iron absorption. Keep away from caffeine it works against your body by preventing iron absorption.
  • Drink plenty of clean water as it keeps you well hydrated eliminating constipation that comes with pregnancy. It is true pregnant mothers get easily dehydrated, so don’t wait until your mouth is sticky and your blood levels are down. Keep count of the amount of water you take every day to ensure maximum hydration.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are easy to digest and get absorbed in your system as a pregnant mother. This should be a quick remedy when you feel energy drained or get sugar cravings. By feeding on these fresh juices you are eating the best of healthy foods that you and your baby requires.

All types of beer and wines should be kept away as they give a negative effect to the fetus. These two sucks life out of the child and the mother too and causes high rates of dehydration. There are enough choices of what to drink, grab what’s right and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.


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