Moringa Powder Capsules: Nutrition and Energy On-The-Go

moriga advantagesAlthough moringa is only just beginning to gain popularity in Europe and the United States, people in many Asian and Africans countries have been eating moringa and using it as a medicine (for over 300 different medical uses) for thousands of years. Although the plant is hardy and is said to grow as fast as a weed, moringa is hardly a weed. Read more to find out about all the health benefits that are packed into this fantastic plant!

Why is Moringa a Superfood?

Moringa is also known as "the miracle tree"—and for good reason. Vitamin and antioxidant-rich, moringa packs a big nutritional punch. Moringa is high in vitamin C and iron, and it's a great source of calcium, as it has four times more calcium than you'll find in milk. Moringa is a go-to supplement for vegetarians and vegans, as it's high in protein and potent with B-vitamins.

When added to your diet, moringa can help you feel fuller a lot faster (due to its high fiber and protein content) than just eating meals by themselves. It can also help boost your metabolism. For those who are looking for more energy or who are trying to lose weight, moringa can be a useful tool to get you moving and slimmed down.

Moringa as a Medicine

Moringa is more than just a superfood. It's also useful in treating and preventing a wide variety of diseases and health issues.
The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa can be hugely helpful for a lot of medical issues. Moringa can help reduce swelling and mobility problems experienced by those with joint issues. It's also helpful for ulcers and chronic inflammation.

Moringa is also great for your cardiovascular system. It has been shown to lower cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Diabetics can also benefit from moringa, as it can help stabilize and lower blood sugar levels.

How Can I Take Moringa?

Moringa supplements are becoming more popular throughout the world and are available in everything from teas and bars to oil and powder.

The powder is particularly useful, as it can be blended into protein shakes, as well as fruit and veggie smoothies. Many people like to sprinkle moringa powder over salads and mix it into their soups in order to get their moringa dose with their meals. The powder can also be mixed with hot water and turned into a healthy moringa powder tea.

Some people simply don't have the time to make a smoothie in the morning, or perhaps they don't like the taste of moringa powder. For them, moringa powder capsules can be a wonderful solution to down your dose of moringa without any taste or hassle. If you enjoy the taste of moringa (or still want to mix the powder in with food or a smoothie), the capsules are a convenient way to take the powder with you on the go. Whether you prefer powder, oil or extract—there's a form of moringa that's perfect for you!

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