Looking to Shed Post-Holiday Pounds? Eggs Are a Quick, Healthy Solution

d3rf23Everyone looks forward to the holiday season — and the delicious food that comes with it. But every mom knows that after dinner with the in-laws, holiday brunch with the kids, and all that turkey and gravy, soon enough you’ve packed on a few too many holiday pounds. No matter how hard you try to stick to your New Years resolutions of working out, most people understand that what you eat is much more important that how often, or how hard you work out. Therefore, it’s really important in the weeks following the holidays that you take a little extra care in your meal prep plans, and eggs can fit your diet perfectly!

While it’s definitely safe to indulge a little over the holidays, it pays to have a few recipe options in mind for the New Year. If you’re looking to shed post-holiday pounds, visit to find plenty of post-holiday recipe ideas to help you get back in shape — after all, cooking or baking with eggs is one of the best and easiest ways to get back to a healthy routine. At their website, you’ll find tons of great recipes that are sure to please the whole family, no matter how picky they are.

Eggs contain a high amount of protein, which allows the body to burn fat at a higher rate, since your body’s metabolic rate is increased as it digests protein. When your body uses more energy to break down the healthy protein in eggs, it also burns away more holiday fat you have stored away. Eggs are a very healthy source of protein, and they’re easy to cook!

According to the Egg Nutrition Center, eggs contain nine vitamins, eight minerals, two amino acids and many other vital macronutrients. A few of the most notable nutrients include calcium, iron, thiamine, and vitamin B12. These components create a food rich in nutrients that is powerful for fat burning. When you combine these facts with the knowledge that they are easy to cook, you just may start cooking with eggs much more frequently! Here are some terrific egg recipes for you to try out.

Slimming Breakfast Taco

A smaller cousin of the breakfast burrito, the breakfast taco made with reduced-fat Cheddar and the goodness of eggs is a satisfying and healthy breakfast option. Add fresh bell peppers, onion, or avocado to the dish for more flair and even more healthy vitamins.

Veggie Frittata

A frittata is any mom’s best friend. Not only is it super nutritious (as eggs plus veggies equals a massive infusion of protein and vitamins), but you can also put just about anything in the pan, and it will still taste great. As a great way to rid the fridge of many holiday leftovers, a healthy frittata can be made with ham, cheese, almost any veggie left over from those holiday trays, and of course the key ingredient — eggs. What’s more, frittatas leave practically no mess in the wake of their prep, which means less time in the kitchen!

Maple Syrup and Flaxseed Muffins

If you’re baking over the holiday season, consider adding whole wheat and some omega-3 eggs into the mix. Flaxseed muffins are a delicious way to jump start your healthy routine this winter. Whole-wheat flour and flaxseeds give maple syrup-sweetened blueberry muffins a delicious, nutty flavor. Compared to more traditional versions of the recipe, they have four times the dietary fiber and substitute healthful monounsaturated fat (canola oil) for saturated fat (butter), while replacing standard eggs with healthy Omega-3 eggs.

While they have received a bad reputation in the past, eggs are actually nutritious and beneficial to your health. They help the body fight fat and help to create a slim physique. Another great benefit of cooking with eggs as a protein is that they are very affordable when compared to other sources of protein like steak. With so many ways to prepare an egg, it is a great way to jump start your metabolism and recover from holiday season indulgence.

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