Kratom: The new “miracle” drug that is replacing marijuana

Marijuana is now a thing of the past; there is a new drug in the neighborhood and supposedly has many more health benefits than cannabis (in addition to getting you high without causing addiction).

Kratom is supposedly a new (relatively) “miracle” drug that, like marijuana, also comes from a plant, and this has been mentioned in several studies that claim to help eliminate addictions to other drugs (mainly opioids). According to the counts, there are already around 10 to 15 millionKratom users, and they use this drug for everythingfrom treating chronic pain to replacing the energy boost of coffee.

Furthermore,this drug is only illegal in 6 states (and its consumption is prohibited for members of the US Army and Navy), so they can produce, sell, and consume it openly. There areKratom capsules, extracts, and teas that you can buy and sell.

It sounds like the perfect drug, but theFDA and experts are not so convinced that it is safe; those who use it say that this drug saved their lives, but others say that it is a form of “legal heroin” that can cause damage.

A few months ago, Kratom even became a term in Google Trendsbecause, supposedly, it has already helped many people to quit drug and alcohol addictions and also to deal with many other diseases and situations. There are enough studies to confirm that it is as good as they say (and that it is not just a placebo that can actually cause a lot of damage, like when we discovered that the Vape was not as “healthy” after all).

Some people turn to this remedy and try to find the best place to buy kratom online when they are trying to control chronic pain, improve their eyesight, lighten their skin, boost their immune systems, or just have fun and get high. “A third of our clientele is looking for a caffeine-free alternative to get through the day,”said Wired Faith Day, owner of a Kratom product business.“I’m talking about soccer moms.”

Supporters of the Kratom movement say this miracle drug is safe, has many benefits, and does not create addiction or dependency, but the US Food and Drug Administration warns consumers to avoid kratom.The CDC also reports that some cases of Kratom overdose have already been registered (something that does not usually happen with marijuana).

The situation is so out of control that they are even considering reclassifying the drug and declaring a banned substance, but they had to stop the process because too many people complained.“I don’t think it has ever happened before,”says Marc Swogger, who studies therapeutic drug use at the University of Rochester Medical Center.“I think they did not do any research on how many people were using this plant and what they were using it for and were surprised by the response.”

The main reason is that there is a lot of misinformation on the subject, its long-term effects and consequences are not really known, and neither can it be determined whether this drug really caused the overdose cases or was simply in the system of people because they used it together with other substances, so experts don’t really know what to think.

Kratomis a plant that grows inMalaysia, Thailand(where it is almost completely legal),Myanmar and Papua New Guinea, it belongs to the coffee plant family and has been used as a herbal remedy by natives for years thanks to its stimulant effects; it is still used in different regions of Asia, but in the United States it is something relatively new, so experts want to make sure that they are not opening the doors to a substance that could be very harmful (or convince people they don’t need traditional medicine to deal with certain diseases).

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