Is Coffee a Friend or a Foe?

CoffeeCoffee has had its presence in our lives since many years now. Despite the fact that we love to have it every now and then, it remains mired in mystery regarding it being a boon or a bane for our health.

While many coffee chains and brands have left no stone unturned to rake up the benefits of a cup of cappuccino, we sure are not done and dusted with the pros and cons that have always been attached with that cup of coffee.

We all have often heard our moms advising us against coffee, but they haven’t been able to deter us a wee bit from having it. In fact, they have played the partners-in-crime by offering us a chilled glass of cold coffee on many scorching summer evenings.

While the beverage has always been encumbered with many doubts and misbeliefs, a cup of coffee can definitely be dubbed as a ‘ stairway to heaven’ when it comes to having it at work.

For many of us, coffee acts as the perfect start to our day. But if you have ever wondered if it is doing your health more harm than good, you’re not the only one to think this way.A slew of studies and reports sullying coffee have always made their made way to popular health magazines but only to make us love it all the more!

Many studies suggest that excessive intake of coffee may lead to miscarriage in pregnant women and could give rise to heart-related problems apart from causing headaches. At the same time, a few studies have also suggested that a cup of coffee is all that is required to give a boost to your mind and turbocharge your mental performance.

Contrary to aforesaid, reports have also claimed that coffee cures headaches.

To know about the real deal when it comes to having coffee, read on, as we try to unveil some unknown facts and answer some most-asked questions about the coffee.

Should I stop having Coffee at all?

The effects of coffee vary from person to person. If you are a regular coffee drinker, chances are that you may be less sensitive to it as compared to those who have it rarely.

Talking about the reason behind it, caffeine stimulates metabolism, which means that body of a regular coffee drinker is able to break caffeine very quickly and this is why they have a high coffee tolerance. Having two cups of coffee in a day will definitely keep you fresh and active.

Is it true that Coffee induces a headache?

This again depends upon the amount of coffee you drink. Also, people who are "caffeine sensitive" are more likely to feel aftereffects of coffee, which may range from mild to strong. While for some people nothing can be a better medicine for a headache than Caffeine, for others it may lead to rebound headaches.

Can Coffee be a Cause of Heart Diseases?

Coffee is said to cut down the chances of suffering a stroke or heart attack by keeping a check on various causative factors which lead to them. It also makes the risks of heart rhythm disturbances go on the wane.

As the popular saying goes, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating', similarly ‘the proof of the coffee is in its drinking'. So cast aside all your fears and grab a cup of coffee.

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