Important Things about Juicing


Why take juice

Ever wondered how juicing started? The first known documentation of juicing goes back right to the biblical times - quite a long while back. However, the process of juicing has changed since then and so has our understanding of it.

So, why do people love to drink juices?

Health benefits of juicing are no more a new topic and are a primary reason people love juices. Given the food chain and process of commercial farming, do we get even a fraction of the nutrition which we are supposed to get? Nutritionally void diet charts, which mainly come from processed food items, cannot help you.

Did you know for instance that one can of coke has enough sugar to help you last a day? You're probably doing yourself harm if you work out less and are having more than one can of coke a day - and admit it, most of us love fast foods and drinks.

A good diet chart plan has five servings of food and three servings of vegetables a day. Give yourself a couple of weeks to feel the difference as you drink one glass of mixed juice every day.

What do you need to remember?

With just juicing in your diet, there is a high chance of losing fibers from your body that can directly affect the digestive system. Also, with regular fruit juice, there is a high chance of increasing the insulin rate. Insulin spikes can cause fatal effects to your body. However, if you combine it with the right diet plan, juicing can do wonders. Apart from

Types of Juicers

You get Centrifugal and Masticating juicers-two of the most popular types of juicers today. For the former one, the fruits and vegetables are cut in a very high speed and causes oxidation, which eventually means that you juice will get destroyed in no time. With RPMs as high as 16,000, it also comes at a great price!

Don't waste the pulp

As you finish juicing, use the vegetable and fruit pulp which contains a considerable amount of the nutrients and minerals. Adding it in smoothies or muffins is a good idea.

With masticating juicers, you need to choose between a single or twin gear. Operating at 80 RPMs, single gear prevents any oxidation and preserves all the natural enzymes. As the gears rotate, the twin gear can self-feed the machine. It is the most expensive of all.

Why do you need to choose fruits?

It's good to have fruits as juice, but vegetables are also no way less important. Beets strengthen gallbladder and the liver along with anti-inflammatory properties. Cabbage is rich in anti-oxidants that help in losing weight and getting relief from constipation. It also prevents from carcinogenic cell growth. Carrots improve vision health. Ginger, Celery and tomato prevent cholesterol. Anti-inflammatory properties come from cucumber, celery, spinach, watercress, and beets.

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