Fun and Crazy Food Facts

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grthythryApples wake you up better than coffee in the morning!

Surprised? Don’t be! There are many such intriguing food facts that may seem like someone’s made an April fool out of you, but are actually true!

If life seems boring or just too lifeless, you’ve come to the right place. From interesting to downright appetite-killing, here’s a roundup of little known facts about some of your favorite foods, from around the world –

Allergies to the Brazil nut can be passed on sexually

The only allergic reaction known to be sexually transmissible is this one. The semen of a man who has eaten Brazil nuts can trigger an allergic response if his sexual partner has an allergy to Brazil nuts.

Honey does not get spoiled

Yes! Honey is the only food on Earth with an eternal shelf life. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been found to be edible. In fact, you can practically consume honey that’s 3000 years old!

Another interesting fact about honey is that it is made up of two things – nectar from flowers and bee vomit. How? Well, this one’s easy; the bees suck the nectar from the flowers and then vomit it out!

Turkey, fish and cheese have the highest protein-to-calorie ratio

Turkey and fish are packed with protein, but did you know that cheese contains just as much protein per calorie? For every 4.7 calories, you’ll get 1 gram of protein. And you thought eating cheese makes you fat? The protein-packed cheeses are low-fat mozzarella and cottage cheese.

Americans consume the most ice cream in the world

Americans are known for their ice cream love, and it is well exhibited by the record they hold. It is believed that Americans consume about 23 liters of ice cream per person per year.

An ear of corn has an even number of rows, usually 16

Each ear of corn will always have an even number of rows. A corn ear is an inflorescence that produces nearly 1,000 female flowers, and these flowers are arranged in an even number of rows.

If not prepared well, fugu or puffer fish can kill you

Puffer fish can kill you as it contains tetrodotoxin, a toxin which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. One puffer fish contains toxin in such high amount that it can kill 30 adult humans, and there’s no known antidote for the toxin.

Ketchup was used as a medicine in the 1800s

Back in the 1800s, people used tomato sauce to treat diarrhea, jaundice and indigestion. It was believed that tomatoes had a powerful healing property, and people actually used to take tomato pills at the time!

Why peppers taste hot?

Peppers contain a chemical compound called capsaicin, which is the reason behind all the hotness of peppers! Capsaicin binds to your sensory nerves and tricks them to think that your mouth is actually being burned.

Cucumber – The best cure for a hangover!

Cucumber is 96% water and is one of the most hydrating foods. It contains minerals, such as calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium, which help restore the fluid balance in the body. And you’ll be surprised to know that cucumber is also the best hangover cure, ever!

There are around 7,500 varieties of apples

There are around 7,500 varieties of apples grown across the world. And even if you eat a new variety each day, it would take you nearly 20 years to try them all!

Kale is the most nutritiously dense vegetable on Earth!

One cup of raw kale has only 33 calories, but it contains 684% of vitamin K, 206% of Vitamin A, 134% of vitamin C, iron, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, fiber, and protein.

Now, how many of the above food facts did you actually know?!

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