Discover The Incredible Healing Power Of Kratom

There really may be something to the old saying about “Ancient Chinese Secrets” when you are talking about herbal remedies and medicines. The ancients had only the natural world and its offerings to use for healing. Some of their cures have lasted more than a millennium. Mitragyna Speciosa, or the evergreen extract commonly known as Kratom, is one of the oldest medicinal remedies in the world.

This member of the coffee plant family is most often found in southern tropical areas of the world. Places like Thailand, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea are all common areas where Kratom is found and has been used by locals for generations. The secret lies in the healing power of the leaves of this evergreen tree. Commonly used for pain relief and mood elevation, Kratom has become a popular supplement across the globe.

Kratom has many different benefits depending on its dosage and target. Long known to have been a mood elevator, Kratom is often used in the treatment of depression and anxiety, as well as powerful withdrawal symptoms from drug abuse. Learn more about Kratom as we take a look at some of the benefits, available formats and strains of this useful medical plant that may have benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Available Formats

The ancients would often chew fresh Kratom leaves right off of the trees despite the harsh taste. Over time, there have been several alternatives developed to make Kratom more available and palatable for regular use.


In this process, the Kratom leaves are boiled down to a highly concentrated resin that can be taken orally on its own, or mixed with food or a beverage.


Dried Kratom leaves are ground into a fine powder that can be easily dissolved into water for drinking.


The leaf extract is boiled down to a thick resin that can either be further dissolved in water or ground down into a fine powder.


Kratom leaves are dissolved in ethanol creating a highly concentrated liquid.

Kratom Strains

The quality and concentration of your Kratom supplement is highly dependent on the particular strain that you choose to use. The tree itself comes in several different varieties that all hold different properties for healing. You can take these strains in their pure form depending on what you are using it for, or use a mixture of strains to target a particular treatment.

Red Kratom — pain relief and sedation

White Kratom — energy and mood elevator

Green Kratom — pain relief and stimulant (also the longest lasting strain)

Dosage and Usage

In North America, prepared capsules are the most common format that you will find Kratom in. There are many different pre-mixed blends available for the type of treatment that you need. With various concentrations and strains, there are unlimited combinations that can be customized to work the best for you.

The powder formats are either derived by the grinding of dried leaves or the highly concentrated extracts. The powders can be easily mixed with a beverage or food, but are not recommended to be mixed with any liquid that is carbonated.

Dried Kratom leaves can be boiled into a pungent and powerful tea or can be ground into a tobacco style consistency and smoked.

Like any type of medication that has the ability to heighten your mood and increase energy, it has the potential to be misused and abused by some people. Kratom should not be used as a recreational drug under any circumstances.


Along with being a reliable mood elevator, Kratom can be used to ease the disturbing symptoms of narcotic withdrawal, making it a safe and useful tool for many addicts. Those that suffer from anxiety and depression can have great success with a combination of the green and white strains of Kratom.

Kratom is also known to be a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-leukemic and anti-malarial that is a popular supplement in areas with tropical climates.

It can also help you naturally lower your blood sugar and can be an effective tool for anyone trying to manage their diabetes. Treat your insomnia and improve your cognitive awareness with lower dose strains of Kratom.

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