Consequences Junk Food Leaves on Your Body

imagesToday's food market abounds with variety of fast food options, which are exclusively based on artificial ingredients, inorganic and processed components, what puts food's quality and nutritive values on a very low level. Even though most people are aware that this kind of food should present minimal part of healthy nourishing, sometimes it's just hard to resist, and occasional burgers, pizzas and hotdogs easily can turn into regular daily meals. On one side, it's not that odd to become susceptible to buying "food to go" stuff, since we are every day exposed to thousands of commercials promoting unhealthy eating as harmless and normal diet choice. Anyway, before you come into temptation to consume particular junk food, you should face with the damages it can leave on your organism:

High potential for obesity

What's particularly important to know is that junk food is extremely rich with sugar and saturated fatty acids, meaning that frequent consummation of these unhealthy delicacies is a secure way of boosting your overall weight. Unfortunately, you probably won't dwell just on gaining couple of kilos more, but there's a great possibility that junk food result in extreme overweighting. While those consequences are equally possible in every age, certain researches showed that mostly teenagers like to replace healthier diet with fast food, which explains large number of obese youth in almost every part of the

Heart and liver diseases

Damage that junk food can leave on your internal organs is maybe the best way of proving how dangerous it actually can be. Most of hamburgers, fried chicken portions and various sauces contain extremely large amount of fat, salt and sugar which is responsible for creating plaque inside blood vessels resulting in thrombosis and arterial clogging, and if you eat this food in a longer period of time, it may even cause heart attacks. Junk food increases cholesterol values within the blood which is why most people whose meals are based only on this food, usually struggle with high blood pressure and poor circulation. Thanks to bad fatty acids within the junk food, there's a high risk of accumulation of fat deposits on liver which is one of the most common factors or liver dysfunction.

junki-food_-lmrcifa1-cifs1-PictureDesk-Image-Library-MASTER-IMAGE-LIBRARY-00-RESTRICTED-Fotolia_14758199_LLack of body energy

Apart from plenty of harmful substances, junk food is characterized with weak nutritive values, meaning that even if you have eaten large burger, you may feel full but not well energized and fresh. This way you're actually providing your body just with satiety feeling and extra weight, but your body energy is rapidly dropping. The majority of organic veggies, fruits and cereals are great sources of nutrients, vitamins and minerals responsible for boosting each body cell with sufficient energy. While regular green markets offer variety of uncontaminated fruits and veggies, many people find it suitable to look for organic food, proving that you don't have to go to fast food store to pick up easy bites since healthy food is also easily available.

Risk of getting cancer and diabetes

If you consume junk food for a longer time, regular processes within organism are being disturbed since carbohydrates and refined sugar cause an increase of insulin levels in blood with a tendency to produce good chances for diabetes. Potential issues can become even worse, because sugars you enter to your body "orders" your organism to become easily dependent on its greater intake and your pancreas is being pushed to excrete more insulin. Also, poor content of proteins and fibers in processed food results in digestive problems increasing the risk of bowel and stomach cancer.images (1)

Junk food counterworks cognitive functions

Some recent medical studies indicated clear connection between junk food consummation and attenuation of certain brain functions. Scientists found out that even short- term eating of fried and greasy food has bad consequences on overall memory ability and concentration, due to the decrease of oxygen within blood vessels. Besides, after every meal that is made of unnatural ingredients, profuse fats and oils, brain becomes oversaturated with trans-fat which is why you can experience low reasoning ability and sleepiness.

Although it's sometimes hard to control every single ingredient that you enter into your organism, the least you can do for your health is to avoid replacing naturally nutritive food with all those instant meals that contain true sources of illness.


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