Can Certain Foods Prevent the Development of Warts?

RFFEGEWFWEGenerally, warts and its symptoms are caused by a virus. Thus, the occurrence and spreading of warts can improve through eating a diet that is healthy. Strains of the HPV/human papilloma-virus would in a person’s body is the reason for the development of warts in a variety of areas all over your body.

Different Wart Types

Warts that are common

Mostly, these warts develop on the hands by presenting a rough patch on the skin’s surface. These typically represent about seventy percent of cutaneous non-genital warts.

A flat wart

These warts can mostly be found on your legs, back, and the hands. They have an appearance that is yellow-brown in color in patches on the skin with tops that are flat.

An intermediate wart

This would be a combination of the flat wart and the common wart.

Periungual and subungual warts

Usually, these appear around and under your toenails or fingernails.

Plantar Warts

It’s warts that normally develop on your feet’s soles and has an appearance like calluses that are very thick.

Some mosaic warts

Plantar warts that are grouped closely and become like a plaque is known as mosaic warts.

Genital warts

Genital warts are growths of skin that are soft and can develop near your genitals, as well as inside the anus and genitals. Generally, they are caused by infections through intercourse, and from certain strains of the HPV/human papilloma-virus.


Foods that can help Fighting Against Warts

Certain vegetables

Include vegetables in your diet that are high in minerals and vitamins, which can boost the immune system to be able to fight viruses, such as HPV. Sea vegetables and leafy dark greens have high contents of calcium and vitamin B, like kale and spinach.

It is said that these types of food will boost your immune system strengthening the body to fight HPV and decrease the development of warts.

Broccoli is said to be great as well due to their high volumes of antioxidants. These are very important for neutralizing free radicals that may be causing tissue damage and leading to cells being vulnerable to infection.

About herbs

Some herbs have ingredients which can improve the function of your immune system in order to fight off certain viral infections. Just take a look at garlic, it has compounds of antioxidants to effectively fighting against parasitic infections, bacterial, fungal, and viruses.

In the case of oregano, it also contains antioxidant compounds, like phenolic acid and flavonoids. These are said to assist the body to build the immune system.

Green tea should also be added to your diet. It has a very high content of polyphenols, as well as epigallocatechin gallate that is antioxidants which are said to be quite powerful.


Surely we all know that fruit is an excellent immune system booster. Yet, it can also assist to decrease the growth of warts. Some fruits with a high content of antioxidants include cherries, blueberries, and tomatoes, as well as bell peppers and squash.

Your bell peppers, the red ones especially can be particularly useful. This is because of their high content of vitamin C, it is twice the amount compared to most vegetables and fruit with vitamin C content. Vitamin C has always been the top promoter for the immune system’s health.

Another fruit family to look at is the pumpkin family. Most of them contain high levels of vitamin A which will assist to enhance the communication between cells that forms the immune system’s foundation.

Some proteins

Protein-rich foods are also recommended. These can include foods such as nuts, tofu beans, fish and meat as they all contain a high content of protein. Plus, they also have nutrients that are important for your immune system.

Almonds and beans contain high levels of calcium and vitamin B, and also whole grains. Lean meats, tofu, and cold water fish can also be a benefit to prevent warts, although, you must limit the intake of red meats.

Oysters contain high levels of zinc and can be greatly beneficial.

What you Must Try and Avoid

Most processed foods should be avoided because of the content amount of sugars found in them. Additionally, they are also high and unhealthy fats, as well as stimulants that may assist the growth of warts.

Fried foods

Other foods containing unhealthy trans fats may include margarine, donuts, crackers, cookies, cakes, and also fast foods, such as French fries and onion rings. Try to avoid foods that are refined, like pasta and white bread, along with caffeine which also contains a lot of stimulants.

Curing warts in an early stage is important

When you are diagnosed with a strain of the HPV, these tips won’t be enough to prevent warts from spreading on your skin. It will be necessary for treatment with medication which can normally include Imiquimod drugs. These should be taken over a period of time to try and eliminate this virus.


Furthermore, you might be prescribed different ointments as well for applying on warts. Although, if the virus remains in your body, it’s possible to still have warts growing on other parts of the body.

For healing and preventing warts, it would be best to focus on boosters for the immune system such as zinc-enrich foods and vitamin C along with treatment. Plus, you can also look at beverages that are loaded with pro-biotic compounds such as Kefir.

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