Best Ways to Reduce Appetite

cdewdThere is a lot of information online on how to reduce your appetite, however several pieces of advice aren't useful. That's why we have only selected what actually works.

Some advice sounds weird or funny.

– watching of disgusting images in order to lose your appetite (the advice that may work temporarily, but after 3 minutes you will be hungry again, and your friends and family could look at you weird if you are doing something like this just to lose weight)
- smelling of stinky things (please don't do this)
- smelling of vanilla plant (this should allegedly trick your brain into thinking you are full, but also there is no proof that this is true)

So what works for reducing of appetite?

If you stick to at least half of the upcoming advice on your life, you will lose at least several pounds or even more:

1. Eat more of fresh and natural food

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and considering their volume they have relatively small number of calories. Fibers from these types of food improve your feeling of fullness. Vegetables that are part of the ultra-light category in terms of calories are: spinach, mangold, carrot, broccoli and asparagus. The fruits contain fructose so you should be moderate with, but there are fruits that have small number of calories such as: plums, oranges and strawberries.

2. Drink water before meals

If you try to get a feeling of fullness with water, it won't help you much since clean water quickly goes through your digestive system since there are no nutrients to digest. In just 10 minutes you will be hungry again. However, drinking a glass or two of water before meal definitely helps.

3. Eat slower

The reason is simple. Our body needs around 20 minutes to realize it is full. If we eat fast, the signal that will tell our brain we are full will come too late. Another interesting way to reduce your eating speed is to use the smaller spoon.
4. Proteins

There are few scientific studies that proteins reduce appetite. It is recommended one third of calories intake coming from protein if you want to lose weight.

Three types of food extremely rich in protein are chicken breast, fish and low fat cheese.

5. Psychology

Negative feelings affect people differently. Some people lose their appetite while others have more of it. If you are a type of person that likes to eat when not feeling well, try avoiding loneliness and boredom since these are the main reasons of food overtake.

6. Sleep enough

There is proof that lack of sleep could cause overeating and higher appetite, because with the lack of energy your body requires additional calories to keep you awake during the day. Also the lack of sleep is connected with diabetes.

7. Choose what kind of food you eat

Check out the lists of food for losing weight with factors of fullness for each food. The key to losing weight isn't in being hungry, but in eating low calories food that actually make you feel full but not fat.

8. Caffeine and green tea

Scientific studies show that coffee and green tea could reduce your appetite. Next to these effects such drinks have health advantages, especially the green tea.

It is recommended to drink an apple juice or water with apple vinegar before launch. Also add cinnamon, ginger ale and cayenne pepper to your meals because they reduce appetite and speed up your metabolism. Always add lemon to your tea, and if you are eating olives be sure to eat the pits, since they significantly reduce the feeling of hunger, since they are digested for longer. Also try eating celery as often as you can, since it has small amount of calories and it makes you feel full longer.

Legumes such as beans, soy, and chickpeas reduce hunger well since they feature cholecystokinin, a hormone that reduces the appetite, so it is one of the most effective fighters against weight. Scientific studies have proven that the level of this hormone has significantly improved with people that have been eating legumes. Except this, legumes keep the optimal level of sugar in blood longer and make the interval of feeling full longer. Also they reduce cholesterol and they are excellent natural laxative, they help cleansing and emptying of bowels and improve the detoxification of the body. In order to avoid bloating which is a usual side effect when eating legumes you could add garlic or dill to your meals.

If you have any questions, please ask below!