Best Tasty Fast-Food Lunches

While fast food scores very high in the list of almost every American for being cheap, convenient, delicious, and filling, it also comes with lots of guilt served on the side. This is because the typical fast food meal can contain enough calories and fats that should have been consumed over the entire day. With one in every four Americans eating a fast food meal every day, the high levels of national obesity are very easily explained. While it is generally true that lining up at the fast food counter can play havoc with your nutrition, not all that you can see has to be nutritionally-suicidal. Expert nutritionists recently scoured through some of the most popular joints and came up with a list of top fast-food lunches that are healthy, and nutritionally-balanced.

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If there is one name that is synonymous with fast food in America, it is McDonald's. Ever since it came into existence in 1940, it has fed a mind-boggling 250 billion customers. While it has faced much criticism for its fat and calorie-loaded offerings from many quarters, it does offer a number of healthy options that you can choose. For example, instead of ordering the double cheeseburger combo meal, you could order a la carte and make your own lunchtime combo of Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wrap, apple slices, and a chicken-less Southwest Chicken Salad. When you order a la carte, you usually end up with more food that keeps your tummy full without loading up with unnecessary calories. This particular selection has 22g of protein, 28g of carbohydrates, and just 12.5g of fats and delivers a healthy 405 calories.


In comparison to many other fast food chains, Subway has always been perceived as a healthier option. This has more to do with the way it has consistently advertised itself. While the chain does offer several healthy delicacies, if you are careless, you could land up choosing items that will make you regret. The 6" Tuna sandwich is a good example of the wrong kind of food - it delivers 400 calories and mammoth 24 g of fat. Enjoy a far healthier meal by choosing a sandwich containing roast beef or chicken, or even their club sandwich; all deliver approximately 320 calories, a massive 23g protein and just 5g fat. If you are extra hungry opt for a Crunchy Apple Snapz bag that adds only a measly 50 calories along with 2g of fiber.

Burger King

Be sure to order a Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich Meal on your next stop at Burger King. You can enjoy the exquisite taste of fish and also keep the calories down by opting out of the tartar sauce and French fries for a healthy salad on the side. The meal packs in 24g of protein, 53g of carbohydrates, and 13g of fats that deliver 450 calories.


It is easier to have a healthy and nutritious lunch at Wendy's because you can very easily order custom portions with just the quantities that you want and you can also mix and match instead of getting limited by combos. You can order the delicious Ultimate Chicken Grill Burger that delivers 390 calories from 34g of protein and 10g of fat. You can add on a small chili and make yourself a complete meal. Excellent alternatives are the Chicken Go Wrap that delivers only 260 calories, and 360 calorie BLT Cobb Salad.


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