Best Food for Weight Loss During Summer

girlsWant to appear great in your hot pants or swimsuits this summer? You don't have to go for a wacky diet and starve for that. Instead, select healthy foods on a regular basis to absorb fewer calories. During summer days, it is easier for you to make healthy food choices, as a high-calorie diet seems to be less appealing.

Get rid of the extra calories from your diet during summer. Depend on the nature's bounty. Enjoy fresh berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and different types of low calorie vegetables and fruits that are summer's offerings.

However, it is vital for you to have the right knowledge about the kinds of food that are best for your weight loss and your overall fitness. Following an inappropriate diet is detrimental to your weight management. Besides, the foods that were considered to be ideal in the earlier times might not be relevant recently. According to CNN, the Paleo Diet, that was highly popular during the 1970s, now ranks last in the list of News and World Report of US. This weight loss diet is quite similar to the food habits followed by the people during the ancient Paleolithic era. It means eating like food gatherers and hunters-consuming animal proteins as well as produces, while avoiding legumes, sugar, and dairy products.


Here is a list of best summer foods that you can choose for perfect fat burning process and weight management.

Cold Soup

Low calorie chilled soups, such as gazpacho, which contain thick vegetables is the best meal during summer time. According to a recent research, broth-based low calorie soup prior to your dinner or lunch may fill your tummy, ensuring that you will eat less food.

Grilled Vegetables

You must eat grilled vegetables during this time. Make sure that you keep a full plate of zucchini, grilled onions, asparagus and egg plant inside your fridge. You can easily use these vegetables to prepare dishes, such as vegetable salads, vegetable pitas, herb pasta, ricotta and frittatas.


During summer days, everyone loves to eat slices of juicy watermelon. It is low calorie, tastes well, and also helps you quench your thirst. You can also make watermelon an integral part of your meal during summer. The National Geographic reported about the benefit of eating watermelon for fitness and weight loss. It is said that this fruit is good, rich in essential minerals and vitamins, and also low in calories. Moreover, it also soothes sore muscles, improves cardiac health, prevents cancer, and so on.

Low-calorie beverages

Coffee drinks, sweetened sodas as well as teas are necessary to beat the heat during this time. These beverages help you to remain cool and reduce hunger pangs. Below is the list of refreshing drinks that you can include in your summer diet chart.

  • Dream float made from orange soda or root beer: Enjoy half cup of vanilla yogurt in 10 or 12 ounces of orange soda or root beer.
  • Tart lemon drink: Take 10 or 12 ounces of water mixed with juice of one lemon and half cup of pomegranate juice served with ice.
  • Spritzer made from white wine: Go for 4 or 5 ounces of white wine mixed with 3 ounces of lemon seltzer water.

Fruit Desserts

Most medical experts believe that overweight people can easily reduce weight summer. According to an interview reported by ABC News, sunlight increases serotonin level that is a contributing factor for weight loss. Increased serotonin level actually reduces people's craving for food and, therefore, helps them to shed off their extra pounds. The best low-calorie meal during summer is the desert made from seasonal fruits. Fruits used for deserts include white peaches, cherries, pineapple, grapes, and banana.

Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable is a good source of nutritional fiber that actually allows you to decrease blood sugar as well as insulin. The result: your belly fat is reduced significantly. Most people substitute this vegetable for their other low-calorie counterparts, such as mashed potatoes, potato salad, and others to reduce loads of calories.


In 2014, new weight loss strategies have been adopted by people to get into proper shape. Do you know that turnips also help you reduce your belly fat? Vitamin C and phytochemical levels allow you to remove toxic materials from your body. Toxins also lead to increased accumulation of fat on your belly and on your waist. Instead of mashed potatoes, you can also eat mashed turnips and take in fewer calories.


Corn, another popular summer food, helps you to reduce weight and improve your health. Corn is an important starch that resists digestion and also increases your immunity. Besides, it simultaneously controls your blood sugar level as well. The result: you can easily reduce your body weight.

Know about the different types of food that are necessary for reducing your weight and getting a well-toned body.

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