Benefits of Exogenous Ketones

ewfrwfeqrgfergewExogenous ketones are ketones consumed in the form of supplements to aid the body in metabolism and in providing enough energy. In other words, the supplements are absorbed to fuel the body. Exogenous ketones are made in three different forms which are:

1. The ketone salts

These are naturally derived from a mixture of sodium, potassium and the calcium.

2. Ketone Ester

These are the ketone supplements that are consumed directly without having to mix the supplements with other compounds like sodium. The aim of taking esters is so they can be quickly and directly absorbed in the body.

3. Ketone oils supplements

This involves the use of natural and healthy oils like the coconut oils and MTC oils.Note that it is advisable that you seek medical advice before consuming the supplements so the doctor can recommend you the appropriate dosage to take.

What are the benefits of exogenous ketones?

1. Aid in weight loss

These supplements are highly prescribed for the people battling with weight loss. This is because the exogenous ketones work by suppressing the appetite which leads to one consuming less food in a day.Note that you need to engage in exercises and a healthy diet to make your mission successful as the supplement only play a small role in enabling you to eat less.Therefore ensure that you are eating healthy food that has fewer calories.

2. Improve metabolism

Ketones are responsible for the production of the two antioxidants referred to as superoxide and glutathione which are essential for protecting the body cells from getting affected by the oxidation process.This in return fastens the metabolism in the body by preventing large storage of fats in the body.

3. Improve your workout sessions

Exogenous ketones are packed with energies which are essential for improving and strengthening the muscles. So, if you are on a diet or you are involved in vigorous workout activities. Use the supplements to provide you with energy. Some of the people who are highly recommended to use the ketones supplements are the bodybuilders, athletes and also gym trainers. Exogenous ketones can provide five times energy as compared to what your body can produce from the foods you eat hence enabling your workout comfortable and long without hurting your muscles.

4. Help muscle heal after a workout

Exogenous ketones are high in antioxidants which are essential for protecting the body cells and improving the metabolism to take place quick and easy. Research shows that the same ketones enhance the protein synthesis in the body. As we all know proteins are essential nutrients that promote the growth of white blood cells and repair of the body too. So, the faster the proteins are synthesized in the body, the quicker your muscles will get healed after a workout. Therefore it is advisable that you take the supplements before and after a workout session to facilitate the healing of the muscles. Another benefit of taking the exogenous supplements after a workout is that they help and improve more fat oxidation as compared to carbohydrate metabolism which is healthy for those who want to lose weight.

5. Prevent heart diseases

The supplements work to improve and increase the metabolism in the body whereby this in return helps in reduction in storage of bad fats on the body. By combining the supplements with a healthy diet, you will keep your body safe and healthy from some heart diseases like the heart attack caused by high storage of bad fats in the body that results to blocking of the heart walls.

6. Improve the mental health

The ketone supplements help in reduction of the oxidation process from taking place in the body including the brains. Therefore this helps protect the minds from various diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and other symptoms like stress and anxiety which result to active and well-functioning brains.

Exogenous ketones are powerful and excellent supplements that help in improving the overall body performance by fueling it and protecting it by preventing the oxidation process taking place. Before you purchase the supplements, it is advisable that you speak to a physician so he or she can advise you the appropriate dosage and type of ketones to use from the above three discussed. Also, make sure that you purchase from a well-established dealer to avoid purchasing counterfeit supplements.

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