Benefits and Side Effects of Fish Oil

There is a lot of buzz in the health sector and social media regarding the benefits of the fish oil. It has been well documented by researchers that fish oil has good effects not only on the health but also on the appearance of the humans. However even before we start with the consumption of fish oil we need to be informed about the benefits of fish oil as well as the fish oil side effects.

What is fish oil?

Fish oil is the oil found in the tissues of the oily fish. The best oil is derived from the cold water fatty fish. Humans can consume the fish oil as they consume the fish or from fish oil supplements.

Contains what?

Now that it has become so popular one needs to understand the main components of this fish oil. Fish oil is a concentrated source of omega-3 fats also known as w-3 fatty acids or n-3 fatty acids. In more proper language omega-3s are polyunsaturated fatty acids. Our body needs the essential fats that are derived from these omega-3 foods or supplements. Fish oil contains the very important docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and the eicosapentaenoic acid (EHA) these are also termed as the marine fat as they come from fish. The different fishes that have these oils are salmon, herring, white fish, sardines, and anchovies.


Benefits of the fish oil:

1] Alzheimer’s disease – A lot of research is being conducted on the relation between the fish oil and the Alzheimer’s disease. The brain development and function is highly related with the essential fatty acids and the good news is that fish oil can be of great help to fight against this disease. Consumption of fish oil can help to prevent shrinkage of the brain and less cognitive decline.

2] Anxiety – Any anxiety like or depression-like behavior can be easily done away with fish oil. Researchers have also concluded that if kids are made to consume fish oil from their early ages the chance of their being hit by anxiety can be ruled out.

3] Arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis can be fought with the help of fish oil or borage oil or the combination of two. Moreover, fish oil also helps to overcome the pain from arthritis and it has no side effects also.

4] Cancer– Omega3 intake could help the women from doing away with the breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Researchers have concluded that consumption of fish oil during adulthood could prevent breast cancer.

5] Boost immune system– Fish oil along with antioxidant astaxanthin boosts the immunity system manifolds. Salmon is a fish that could give you the benefit of fish oil and astaxanthin together to boost your immunity.

6] Eye disorders-Fish oil can reverse the age related issues of eye disorders. It could also assist in curing cortical cataracts.

7] Hair and eyes – Fish oil is the best when it comes to hair and skin problems. The essential fats from fish oil improve the texture of skin and hair. Fish oil prevents wrinkles and reverses the aging process of the skin. Skin and hair issue like dandruff, thinning hair, eczema, psoriasis, sun spots and other issues can be well-taken care by fish oil. Fish oil is a miracle capsule for your looks.

Fish oil side effects

It’s not that it has all benefits and no side effects. Excess of anything is bad and this holds the truth in the case of fish oil. It should be consumed under medical supervision only. It can cause side effects like bleaching, nausea, belching, heart burn, loose stools, rash, and nose bleeds. Well, this is not all could also reduce immune systems activity thereby reduce the body’s ability to fight infection. Excess consumption of fish oil could also lead to clotting of blood and increase the chances of bleeding.


It can be concluded that in comparison to the benefits that it gives it is only feasible to consume it under the medical supervision. If consumed by mouth the side effects can be minimized. Freezing the fish oil and consuming it meals can check the side effects that it can cast.

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