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How to Beat the Summer Heat and Stay Fit

fit-muscle-manIn spring, we hear and read numerous articles on how to rid ourselves of love handles and get in shape for summer. But with summer officially here, how do we stay fit without collapsing from the heat?

With temptations and distractions everywhere, summer can be one of the hardest times to stay dedicated and motivated. However, with the numerous benefits of exercise, the summer heat shouldn't stop you. Here are great ways to beat the heat and still stay fit during summer.

Pick a sport

To keep your exercise regimen from feeling like work, pick a sport you love and turn it into a game. Some sports are popular in summer because they help you escape the summer heat. If your house has a pool or sea shore nearby, it's best to indulge in swimming, surfing, diving, or other water sports. This will keep you cool and refresh even when outdoors.

However, if you think the pool or the beach is overrated, you can try offbeat sports like ice hockey or figure skating. You'll have no problem beating the heat with the frozen ice of the indoor rink.

Avoid noontime sun

Nothing can beat an outdoor jog with the fresh cool wind blowing on your face. However, when staying outside on a summer day, try to avoid going out when the sun is the strongest-between 10am and 4pm. Why? When you exercise in the heat, the blood goes to your skin instead of going to your muscles, making it so hard to exercise.

So as much as possible, exercise in the early morning or late evening, when you're sure the sun's rays won't hurt your that much.

Bring your routine indoors

While everyone loves to take their workout outside the gym, high temperature gets in the way. If you find it hard to find time to exercise outside in the early morning or late night, going to the gym is the easiest way to stay fit even during the summer months. Gyms have air conditioning units that can help you beat the heat.

Gyms are usually packed in summer so if you can, stick to off-peak times to avoid a massive influx of people. If you have your own A/C unit and gym at home, the better! You don't need to leave home to stay fit.

You'll have no problem beating the heat with the frozen ice of the indoor rink. You could also wait for night time and hit a lit park with some baseball equipment for the new season and play a few innings.

Stay active even on vacation

Going on a vacation doesn't mean taking time off exercise. There's always a unique way to exercise even if you're out of the office, whether in a tropical island or a big city. You can run on the beach, or try new water activities like paddle boarding or skim boarding. If you're in the city, take time to go site seeing. Instead of riding the bus, opt to rent a bike or walk. Aside from burning the extra calories you're sure to consume, staying active on a vacation will keep you in a better mood.

Workout in short, regular bursts

Because of the oppressive heat, it's better to exercise in short, regular bursts throughout the day instead of doing it in one long stretch. Try exercising in four 15-minute segments in a day. If you're reaching your target heart rate, you don't have to worry about the quality of your exercise regimen. This allows you to take your workout outdoors while reducing the risk of heat stroke and severe dehydration.

Drink up

While drinking enough water is important all year round, it becomes even more important in the summer months as we need to replenish the fluids we sweat out. Ideally, you should start drinking hydrating fluids at least 15 minutes before exercising and at least every 20 minutes while sweating out.

To extend your endurance, drink fresh juice. The benefits of juicing are numerous, and easy hydration is one of them. Stay hydrated to avoid problems associated with summer heat: headaches, lethargy, cramps, and dehydration.

How are you staying healthy and fit this summer? Let us know!

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