Be Safe When Using Tramadol!

TramadolYou must be wondering what the hell is this? You can call it Merlin's magic potion or Pomona Sprouts Herb or any other thing you want to, but it is a medicine to cure people who are suffering from pain. It works like morphine but does not intoxicate you, nor it is addictive. Like, anesthesia, it blocks the sensation of pain in the body which makes the person suffering from pain feels smooth and relaxed.

Reviews about the benefits and effect of Tramadol are available online in great extent by people who have used it in the past to get rid of muscle strain, back pain, etc. It provides immense relief to the patients in case of pain whether it is moderate or extreme.

This drug is sold under Ultram's banner and is easily available online through various vendors. However, there are some do and don't regarding the use of Tramadol that one needs to follow.

Do not intake tramadol if:

  • You are allergic to any of its components.
  • Have breathing problem or asthma.
  • In under any intoxication or along with any other drug.
  • Suffering from stomach or intestine blockage.

Tramadol must be taken only after your doctor has prescribed it. There are cases of people suffering from Seizures after taking tramadol. Avoid Tramadol to minimise risk of seizure if you are suffering from any of the below-mentioned issues:

  • A history of alcohol addiction.
  • A history of drug abuse.
  • A metabolic disorder.
  • If you had a head injury in the past or;
  • You have seizure disorder or epilepsy.

Always let the medical practitioner know about your medical history related to:

  • liver/kidney disease.
  • Mental illness or drug abuse.
  • Alcohol addiction, suicide attempts or stomach disorder
  • If you are pregnant.
  • Hallucination and constipation.

It is observed that Tramadol leads to breathing problems, malnourishment, and otherwise debilitated.

How to take Tramadol?

  • It must be taken orally in the form of disintegrated tablets.
  • Do not swallow the tablet
  • Allow the tablet to dissolve
  • Do not chew the tablet
  • To not crush the tablet before intaking
  • Follow the prescribed amount.
  • If you miss taking the time not to take more than one dose to cover the time up.
  • Also, the overdose of tramadol can be fatal so please so no not abuse it.

Common tramadol side effects may include:

  • Dizziness, drowsiness, headache and feeling tired.
  • constipation
  • skin and throat infection
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • stomach pain
  • Abnormal sweat.
  • flushing
  • and feeling anxious

In short, Tramadol can stop or slow breathing process. If your dose is changed, or you start using it, can cause various problems. Never take it in large amounts or longer than prescribed duration. Do not break, crush or seal open the pill. Swallow it, do not chew to avoid exposure to a potentially fatal dose. Keep these precautions in mind before you buy Tramadol, better be safe than to feel sorry later.

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