15 Oils & Their Uses

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Oils have many uses around the home, and you will no doubt have heard that they can even contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, you are likely to find on closer investigation that not all the benefits are known, and that some of the more interesting properties of many well-known oils go completely under the radar.

This is unfortunate as there are many potential benefits for anyone who takes the time to look. Below is a list of 15 of these oils, and some of the benefits they are associated with, even if that association is just based on anecdotal evidence.

How Are These Oils Extracted?

The oils with these overlooked properties can be extracted in several ways, and there are also alternatives available for anyone who does not want to use commercially pressed oils.

These can be pressed at home using a homemade cold press, or in some cases, a heat pressing technique could be better. For this process, something like a rosin press machine would be ideal. Of course, the precise technique involved will vary according to the oil you wish to extract, and here is a list of some of the ones you might consider.

Oils with Overlooked Properties

At the top of the list of oils with overlooked properties is peppermint oil. You are probably already aware that peppermint is reputed to aid digestion, but the oil could be used as an anti-fungal, or to lift your mood and help to fight headaches. Lemon oil has similar properties, in that it is also known to aid digestion, and improve mood, and headaches.

Next, you might consider cedarwood oil, which is a common addition to shampoos, colognes, and ironically, insect repellent. This is also reputed to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, as well as help with sleep and anxiety.

Helping with Everything from Stress to Skin Conditions

Sandalwood oil is also used in cologne and after-shave lotions, but as well as being fragrant, it can aid focus and calm those of a nervous disposition. Another oil with stress-reducing properties is bergamot oil, not least because it has the potential to improve eczema and other skin conditions.

If Bergamot oils in not available, ylang-ylang can offer many of the same benefits, as well as help with headaches and nausea. If you need something with even more antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, then eucalyptus oil might be a good fit as it can relieve pain and fight against cold sores.

Oils with Calming and Relaxing Properties

While everyone knows about the use of chamomile in tea, chamomile oil can have the same properties and be used to improve mood and relaxation. It should also come as no surprise that lavender oil can be used to relieve stress.

Orange oil can also relieve anxiety but can also be useful for managing pain and killing bacteria. In this respect, it has much in common with lemongrass oil, which has many of the same properties.

A common oil in widespread use is rose oil, which like so many others can improve your mood and take the edge off any anxiety. Equally well-known is tea tree oil, which is commonly used to fight infections.

Jasmine oil is also commonplace, but less common is the knowledge that can help with depression, improve libido and potentially relieve pain in childbirth. Considerably less common is frankincense oil, which you might know only as one of the gifts given by the three kings and was rightly so highly valued because of its ability to help with inflammation, mood, and sleep.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether they are home pressed or produced commercially, these oils are reported to have many properties that can assist with your quality of life. However, you will have to delve deeper to discover whether you need to use these in burners or as massage oils (or both) for you to get the full range of benefits from their associated properties.

Most oils on this list can help with mood and anxiety, which is no bad thing now, but they can also serve a wide range of other purposes too. This includes being able to act as antioxidants and help with skin and sleep problems, as well as helping during birth and with libido.

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