Natural Treatments for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder triggered by excessive electrical activity within one's brain. It is a serious condition affecting the central nervous system, resulting in fits and seizures. In this disease the afflicted person suffers from recurrent and unprovoked seizures. Even though epilepsy is considered to be a generic disorder, it could be triggered by outside elements such as food allergies, stress, insufficient mineral absorption and alcohol abuse.


Epilepsy can be classified according to various factors. They include the observable symptoms taking place during a seizure, the place of occurrence in the brain and other factors related to the triggers. Different types of epilepsy manifest in different ways and based on the types, the doctors recommend the surgery, pharmacological treatment or other treatments. A significant way of treating this ailment is making use of the anticonvulsants. Nineteen different anticonvulsants are used for treating epilepsy. Usually a patient starts off with a medicine but if that medicine cannot bring a positive result, other medicines are prescribed along with the primary one.

However, anti-convulsant medications are not capable of curing epilepsy. They just help to lessen its symptoms. Moreover, the use of these medicines for an extended period of time could bring serious side effects to one's body. Furthermore, epileptics do not always respond to anticonvulsive treatment. In such a case, a small portion of the brain causing the seizure is removed. But this is effective if the seizure is caused by a tumor, which can be operated through surgery. Even if surgery can cure epilepsy in some cases, several risks are associated with it. So, you may treat epilepsy in a natural way in your home for reducing the occurrence of seizures and lessening the stress caused by such condition.


Let's check out a few natural treatments for epilepsy:

Drink plenty of vegetable juices

Try to drink lots of vegetable juices. You can drink mixed vegetables juice with carrot, beet and cucumber. This will help to get rid of toxins causing epileptic seizures. Take 500 ml vegetable juice with a blend of 300 ml carrot juice, 100 ml cucumber juice and 100 ml beet juice.

Take foods rich in Vitamin B6

You could take Vitamin B6 supplement or else you could take foods rich in Vitamin B6. This vitamin helps to maintain the operation of the central nervous system. Since epilepsy is a disease affecting the central nervous system of one's body, upholding proper function through the supplements of Vitamin B6 help to decrease the occurrence of seizures. The foods rich in Vitamin B6 are milk, brewer's yeast, rice, green vegetables, milk, peanuts, cereals and carrots.

Include beneficial fruits in the diet

Include fresh fruits in your diet that are beneficial for reducing seizures in an epilepsy patient. Choose those foods that have proven effective in curing epilepsy. Some of the beneficial fruits are apples, figs and grapes. You can drink 500 ml fresh grape juice every day for reducing the occurrence of seizures.

Ease your tension

You should also try to ease your tension by reducing anxiety that may trigger epileptic seizures. Undertake yoga practice, meditation, Pilates or Tai Chai for lessening the stress on your body and in your central nervous system. Lessening the stress helps to reduce the triggers causing seizures. It's really difficult to live with epilepsy. It could be traumatic at times. Hence, it's important to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for yourself to deal with the ailment.

Following these simple natural measures can help you to overcome epilepsy.

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