Major Causes Of High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common yet life-threatening health condition characterized by the unhealthy levels of blood pressure in the body. Since it does not have any symptoms, most people diagnosed with this disease are at serious health risks. It may develop over a period of time without symptoms and is capable of causing damage to blood vessels and arteries.

Early detection is the key to treating hypertension or at least, keeping the blood pressure to manageable levels. To notice any changes, it’s necessary to take regular blood pressure readings at home and keep the health risks to a minimal level. You can use a certified and high-quality blood pressure monitor to know the blood pressure levels in the body at any particular point of time and keep risks away.

Causes of hypertension

Hypertension is a serious health issue and those suffering from it should check themselves regularly or consult the doctor on a frequent basis. In general, medical science is yet to establish any cause behind the primary category of high blood pressure. However, some health issues or medications are supposed to lead to other or secondary types of blood pressures.

1# Age& family history

Older people are more at risk to hypertension than the younger ones, thereby establishing a link between age and high blood pressure. Hence, the older you’re the higher the risks of suffering from hypertension. Similarly, many scientific studies have concluded that those with a family history of the disease are more likely to suffer from it than the rest. So, in some cases, it’s the genes that are at fault, not you or your habits.

2# Overweight

Weight is a big risk factor for hypertension. So, if you are overweight or obese, the risks of high blood pressure are greater in comparison to when your weight is normal or standard. This means you should keep the weight within the prescribed levels to keep the risks of hypertension away forever. Doctors always recommend people to include exercise or physical activity in their daily schedule to keep themselves healthy in the long run.

3# Gender

Not many people believed when studies established a connection between gender and hypertension, but they had to relent to some extent. Yes, it’s true that adult men are more prone to high blood pressure than women. However, the older people get, this risk decreases and after 60 years of age, both genders are supposedly equally at risk to the disease. This suggests that adult men, not women, need to be more cautious of high blood pressure and check it on regular basis.

4# Lifestyle

Our lifestyle is one of major causes to an increase in blood pressure levels. Those who are not active physically are more at risk to this disease than the people exerting their body in some capacity. Lack of exercise is assumed to raise the risks of hypertension. So, you should stop leading a sedentary lifestyle to keep the blood pressure to manageable levels.

5# Smoking & alcohol

Smoking is injurious to health and the earlier you quit the better. It’s one of leading causes of hypertension as it harms in two ways – makes the blood vessels narrow and cuts the oxygen level in blood to force heart to pump fast. Similarly, frequent drinkers are found to have higher systolic blood pressure in comparison to teetotallers. So, staying away from bad habits can keep the risks to hypertension away.

6# Diet & salt

A diet high in fat may increase the risks of hypertension. Here, the amount of fat is not responsible for the problem but the kind of fats in the diet. So, while saturated fats sourced from animal foods are considered bad, the fats from plants are deemed good. Similarly, high intake of salt can put you at risk of increased blood pressure. So, you can cut back on the salt levels in your diet and stay healthy.

7# Stress

Those living with mental stress are more at risk to hypertension than the rest. Increased stress levels can have a negative impact on the blood pressure causing it to go up or remain above the standard levels. People living with stress may develop hypertension later in life. In fact, stress or depression can also lead to a variety of other health problems in the long run. So, the focus should be on leading a stress-free life to keep yourself healthy.

8# Diabetes

Diabetics are at higher risks for high blood pressure. Those with type 1 diabetes will have increased sugar levels which can cause the blood pressure levels to go up in the body. So, people with diabetes should get themselves treated to minimize the chances and risks to hypertension in future. It’s thus advisable to keep checking blood sugar levels on a regular basis to keeping health risks away.


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