Low Stamina: Reasons and Causes

shutterstock_122840269Stamina is considered to be a combination of both speed and endurance that defines the ability to perform at highly extended periods of time. In order to develop a high stamina, it requires good physical and mental health, along with proper physical training and environments. Many with low sexual stamina also suffer from sexual performance and health problems that many choose to disregard as they don't want to admit the possible symptom of a medical or psychological-related condition.

So why do many suffer from low stamina?

1. Illness
High stamina is enabled by good mental and physical health. Disablers include heart disease, weak muscles, respiratory ailments, mental illness, and brittle bones. When your body is struggling to maintain ordinary proper function, your stamina suffers. In terms of sexual stamina, men who suffer from a temporary sexual performance issue due to illness should be confident as their stamina levels will surely return once their illness recedes.
Although medical illnesses do not necessarily affect the blood flow to the genitals, medical conditions will drain your body's energy levels causing a decrease in physical endurance.

2. Medication & Drug Abuse
Drug abuse can lead to a large variety of life-threating problems as well as significantly affect your stamina levels. Depending on the particular substance, many may experience a series of cardiovascular problems, abnormal hormonal fluctuations, and energy loss due to their destructive abuse. In order to help aid in stamina issues, it is advised to remedy the drug dependencies.

If you suffer from low stamina and currently on medication, it is important to seek advice about the effects on physical activity.

3. Depression
Depression has a strong link to level testosterone decrease as it has been shown to influence the male libido and reduce testosterone levels.

4. Poor Lifestyle Habits
A bad diet with no exercise can dramatically affect stamina levels, especially for those who relatively remain immobile and consume low-quality foods. Choosing to adapt to a proper exercise routine and diet will help your body return to their expected levels of stamina.

5. Dehydration
Athletes who experience severe levels of dehydration know it becomes a direct cause of poor stamina and fatigue. Many who experience dehydration much limit their daily intake of caffeine and diuretics. Dehydration causes your body to reduce your body's ability to regulate inner temperature which may lead to faster depletion of glycogen and an increased heart rate, which is vital for your body to retain energy.

6. Poor Diet
An unbalanced nutritional diet has proven to be a direct link to low stamina. Make sure to aim for a healthy, balanced diet and pay extra attention to protein and carbohydrate intake. While most individuals only require 0.5 grams of protein per body, athletics require twice as much to retain optimal stamina.

7. Lack of Sleep
Sleep allows the body to recharge its mental and physical energy. Those who do not get the required amount of sleep will experience low stamina and poor energy levels which is crucial for muscle repair. Most adults need around 7-9 hours of sleep to obtain optimal health and stamina.

8. Stress
The world we live in today is a nonstop mess of overwork and stress that range from work demands to family needs. When our body develops high amounts of stress, it creates a direct impact on energy levels and stamina. If you deal with constant stress, this causes your body's cortisol levels to rise and ultimately reduce the body's ability to metabolize fats and carbohydrates as a result of fatigue and exhaustion.

Reduce stress by practicing deep exercises along with cardio and yoga, while creating boundaries like not taking work home and disconnect yourself from social media.

9. Low Self-Confidence
Low self-confidence or low self-esteem is linked to a variety of sex-related problems. Those who have a negative self-image or are insecure about themselves ultimately reduce levels of stamina as well as other performance problems. For some, especially men who have an inability to focus on sexual intercourse may suffer from low stamina and premature ejaculation. These common psychological issues are often treated by sex therapists. Based on male enhancement user testimonials, using male enhancement supplements may help improve sexual stamina in users.

10. Environment
Extreme temperatures may cause a threat to your body's ability to cope. Stamina is normally the first to fall as it relies on the basic metabolic process like sweat evaporation, oxygen uptake, and heat generation. When your body sifts from low to high elevations, it may become difficult to perform as your body must adjust to properly altitudes and oxygen levels. This is when the body will compensate by producing red blood cells.

Bottom line: In hot, humid temperatures, your body will reduce sweat evaporation. When your cooling function begins to fail, the internal body temperature will climb as the stamina will decline.

Make sure to get in touch with your doctor or health care provider is your symptoms persist despite any attempts to change your lifestyle habits. Low stamina and fatigue can just be a healthy response to exhaustion, both emotional and physical. However, these symptoms may also be a sign of an underlying health problem that be properly treated right away.


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