Low Libido In Women: Can Maca Root Help?

Woman-Low-LibidoIt happens to the best of us, that lull in our sex drive that makes us feel less than the foxy woman that we used to be. Suddenly, you just don’t feel like being intimate any longer, or you could care less if it happens. Your spouse is not happy, of course, as it seems like you’ve lost interest in them and this can cause stress on any relationship. So what can you do to help curb sexual dysfunction in your life? While there is no miracle pill out there, the maca root has long been used throughout the world as a way to combat low libido in women as well as men.

What Is The Maca Root?

maca-rootThe maca root is a plant that grows high up in the Andes mountains of Peru. It is eaten as a vegetable in Peru and many surrounding countries, and used as a supplement throughout the world for energy, stamina, and sex drive in both men and women. The maca root is similar to the turnip and radish, and is in the same family of vegetables. In grows completely underground, like a radish, with only it’s green top sticking up above the dirt. It has been used throughout the Peruvian peninsula for centuries but was first described in writing by Gerhard Walpers during a trip to Peru in 1843.

Can Maca Root Help Your Sexual Dysfunction?

The maca root has long been cultivated for several different reasons. Humans eat it like a fruit or vegetable, they feed it to their animals, and it was even used for trade centuries ago. Today, it is generally cooked if you are eating fresh maca root, or it is powdered for other uses, such as in supplements. But why do the native people of Peru swear by it’s properties? Well, for many centuries, they have documented how the maca root is able to boost your strength, up your stamina, and help with fertility. It has also been known throughout the world to help low libidos in women and has been highly sought after since it was brought to other countries around the world.

There are plenty of studies out where maca root has been shown to increase stamina and sexual desire. Holistic doctors and other medical professionals have been studying the effects of maca root on female sexual dysfunction and how it can help to boost a woman’s libido. Along with it’s other health effects, such as boosting energy, the maca root has been shown to help out with both men and women’s libidos during different trials.

Should You Try It?

For a woman, there is nothing worse than losing your sexual desire. It can take a toll on your marriage, it can take a toll on how you feel about yourself, and it can make you stress about underlying problems that may not even be the cause of the problem. So many women are turning to different supplements to try and help them get back their libido. Millions of women all around the world are starting to realize the power that the maca root holds, not only with their energy and moods, but with their sexual drive as well.

If you are worried that your libido is heading south and never coming back, the maca root may be something that you want to try out as it has been shown to increase sexual desire in women. Of course, you want to speak with your doctor if you are currently taking any type of medication before you start taking any supplements. Your doctor can also recommend other medication alternatives if they find that some of the dosages you are on are causing problems with your libido as well, which can help the maca root to work even better.

Sharon Sheerin wrote this article about low libido in women and the use to maca root as a remedy.


  1. I can speak from experience that maca root has an almost instantaneous intense effect on a woman’s libido. To the point where when consumed, you should really try not to be alone, or have a cold shower handy.

  2. I love this stuff. I discovered it over a year ago when I was learning about maca. Thanks for sharing it,Andrei!

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