How to Stay Safe from Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is an illness caused by mosquito bites. It affects the tropical and subtropical regions.

Research shows that there are 400 million cases of dengue yearly around the globe, which is a fairly large number. And this number will keep increasing if the right measures are not taken to nip it in the bud.

That’s why we want to raise awareness about the hazards and the method to prevent them from spreading further. The best of all methods is to simply go for all natural mosquito control.

Ways to be Safe from Dengue Fever

There are no medicines at hand to treat and cure dengue fever. The least we can do is to put a stop to dengue by escaping mosquito bites.

1. Insect/ mosquito repellant

No matter how much we try, we can’t eliminate mosquitoes from our environment. You may feel safe from mosquitoes inside your home, but mosquitos will attack you as soon as you leave your house. It is also important for mountain bike riders.

That’s why mosquito repellants, more commonly called insect repellants, are very effective for keeping mosquitos away.

With insect repellant you can cherish the outdoors without getting mosquito fever. Moreover, kids mostly want to play on lawns and parks where mosquitoes are abundant.

So first, make them apply mosquito repellant before playing. Also, check that the repellants are gentle on the skin and contain good ingredients to repel mosquitoes.

2. Prevent mosquito habitats

Stagnant water is the most common habitat for a mosquito to lay eggs. It takes only a week to 10 days for the mosquitos to transform from being an egg to a full-grown mosquitoes that may cause you dengue.

That’s why the best strategy is to eradicate the base cause. You can take the following steps to prevent mosquito habitats:

  • Cover all water collecting points, so mosquitos don’t have any place to lay eggs.
  • Regularly check and clean the pots and devices that can accumulate water, for example, pet bowls, refrigerator trays, plants, flower vases, etc.

3. Keeping windows and doors closed

Among all measures includes making our homes mosquito-free. So most people recommend keeping the doors and windows closed.

But no matter how much we try, mosquitos will try their way inside whenever a door or a window is left open. So it is crucial to buy a good insect screens. You can air your rooms, get sunlight, and block mosquitos. You should also check for leaks and tears in the house that let mosquitos in.

4. Use mosquito nets

If you sleep outside or in a room that is not mosquito free, always use mosquito nets. Mosquito nets are easy and cheap to prevent mosquito bites at night. They are very helpful for keeping children safe from dengue fever.

So if you are sleeping in an abundance of mosquitos, you should buy a mosquito net from a local store. Choose one that is long and wide enough cover the entire mattress. Moreover, I prefer buying a net that has been treated with Permethrin-treated.

5. Wear full cloths

We know that during summer, one may prefer shorts and half-sleeved shirts. But our hands and legs are the easy targets of mosquitos. That’s why it is important to wear full-sleeved shirts and full trousers or pants.

By covering your arms and legs, you are less exposed to mosquitos, and the chances of getting dengue fever decreases.

6. Keep dustbins clean

Untidy dustbins are an attractive place for mosquitos. Mosquitos get attracted to dirt when we don’t clean our dustbins from time to time.

That will leave us more exposed to getting dengue. Moreover, don’t let water stand in any bowls in the house.

7. Use anti-mosquito sprays

It is a good idea to spray your house with anti-mosquito sprays. You can spray after every two days. The anti-mosquito spray will kill any hidden mosquitos in the corner of the house or behind the curtains.

The spraying will remove all the hidden places of mosquitos so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

8. Light up

Mosquitos don’t find lighted-up places fun. They hang out in dark places and find their hunt. You need to light up your house to repel the mosquitos.

9. Camphor

Home remedies can also be used to fight mosquitos. Camphor smell has been used for ages to repel mosquitos. It would help if you lighted camphor in your house from time to time to keep them awaway.

10. Know when to see a doctor

We should take all the necessary steps to prevent mosquito bites. But one should also have enough knowledge about mosquitos’ symptoms to decide when to get professional help.

One should see a doctor when feeling fever, muscle pain, headache, rash, and joint pain.


Dengue fever is a dire problem for which all must take precautions. Moreover, We must do everything to protect ourselves and our loved safe from mosquito bites. That’s the only way that the increasing number of dengue fever cases will start decreasing.

If you have any questions, please ask below!