How E-Cigs Work to Help You Quit Smoking

e-cigarettesThe advancement of technology might have impacted your lives and your approach toward life. Some amuse over the technological advancements, while others muse over the good ol’ days without it. Either way, you would agree that technology has made your life simple or complicated depending on who and how it’s used. However, some perceive it to be a boon and the rest to be a bane.

The “electronic life” has invaded your life to a great extent. Bank transactions or sending mails, almost all your work is hassle-free without you having to step out of your home. Some might argue that technology has made people lazy and less interactive. The same might be true with the other advancements you might have witnessed.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are one such advancement that has evolved the way you perceive smoking. They were invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who patented it in 2003. This electronic device resembles your traditional tobacco cigarettes. You’ll have the sensation of smoking similar to a regular cigarette with the vapors induced by the e juice of e-cigs.

You might want to try electronic cigarettes because you would have seen others using it. Some people might have seen their friends quit smoking with electronic cigarettes, and might expect the same with them. Curiosity might make most youngsters chase after electronic cigarettes. Whatever might be the reason, you would be left with a question dangling over you of how it’s different from regular tobacco cigarettes.

Putting an end to your curiosity

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of three main components, a cartridge, vaporization chamber, and lithium battery.

A rechargeable lithium battery is used in an electronic cigarette that’s similar to your cellphone battery. When the batteries are completely charged they are connected to a tube with electronic controls, popularly known as vaporizing chambers. Furthermore, they are attached to an atomizer that forms the vapors.

The best part of electronic cigarettes is its varied flavors that can be tailor-made to your choice of e-liquid. Choose from mint, apple, caramel, coffee, chocolate, and many more flavors to treat yourself using electronic cigarettes.

Most e-liquids are made of two other elements other than nicotine. One of them is propylene glycol, an organic compound used in making your ice creams and sodas; the second is vegetable glycerin, a sugar alcohol compound used as sweetener in cake frosting. They are not harmless all by themselves, but choosing the right company which follows the norms of regulatory bodies is important.

Some companies provide e-juice at an affordable price when compared to the premium brands. The so-called premium brands charge you exorbitantly giving away the same products like other companies. You might be surprised to notice how online purchases can cost you a fortune with their delivery charges. Look out for the companies that give you free shipping for your product.

Difficult to quit but not impossible

Smokers using regular tobacco cigarettes are subjected to persistent coughing. The presence of toxins in them ravages your throat. However, people who started using electronic cigarettes were less prone to these coughs. The same can’t be said of its rival electronic cigarette.

A recent study indicates that smokers were less likely to have a sense of taste when compared to nonsmokers. Some experts suggest that cigarette smoking flattens your taste buds, resulting in a lesser sensitivity to taste. This might be another reason for you to give up traditional smoking and start using electronic cigarettes.

The ugly truth is, the more you try to quit smoking, the more difficult it gets. Electronic cigarettes have been proven to be effective to gradually reduce smoking, and eventually stop. Some contradict this stating that electronic cigarettes aren’t helpful to free them from addiction to smoking.

The trick to do away with smoking using electronic cigarettes is doing it in the right proportion. If you’re comfortable using electronic cigarettes, you need to decrease the level of nicotine in it. Take an e-liquid that has a lesser concentration nicotine level than your previously used one. It’s a battle between you and your urge to smoke that decides your chances to quit smoking.

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