Eye Exercises: Strengthen Your Vision and Keep Your Eyes Healthy


In the modern age, with the developing technology and the more growing usage of computers, smart phones and other devices, we can say without a doubt that our eyesight is getting worse. Exercising your eyes is crucial for keeping them healthy and avoiding things like glaucoma or other eye disorders. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for gaining back good eyesight, but there are some techniques we can use in order to keep our eyes healthy and to strengthen our vision. Here are some exercises that help us with our eye muscles and eyesight in general.


This is used to reduce stress around the eyes and you can do it by just taking a 5 minute break from your computer and placing your palms on your eyes. By stimulating very powerful acupuncture points you increase the circulation and help relax your muscles around the eyes. It's important to take a few deep breathes before you start, to place your elbows on your knees and your palms on your eyes. Don't put too much pressure on the eyes, be sure you have enough room to blink.

Near and Far Focus

This one is used to improve the flexibility of the eyes as they change from distance viewing to near visual focus. It takes about 2-3 minutes at a time. It's done by placing your thumb about 10 inches from yourself and focusing on it. Then focus on a distant object that is about 10-20 feet away from you. On each deep breath switch the focus between your thumb and the distant object.


Zooming, just like the infinity one is used to improve the flexibility of the eye muscles and your focusing skills. When doing this exercise be sure to sit in a comfortable position. Place your thumb out in an arms distance as you are hitchhiking and as you take a deep breath move your thumb towards you as you focus your eyes on it. Then move your thumb away until your arm is fully stretched out. Continue to do this for a couple of minutes.



It may sound ridiculous, but blinking is a great exercise for eyes. When spending too much time in front of the screen we tend to forget to blink. Blinking is a simple way to stay focused and to freshen your eyes. It will also help soothe the eyes and moisturize them. Whenever you blink your eyes go into a brief period of darkness which helps eyes remain fresh and also discharges previous information to get ready for new one, this helps reduce eye strain.

Figure of eights exercise

This light eye exercise is done by following an imaginary horizontal figure of eight (or infinity sign) about 10 feet away from you standing point. Try to trace the eight without moving your head, trace it with your eyes first in one direction, then switching it. Do this while you're relaxed and breathing easily and remember to blink from time to time to ease the stress on your eyes. This exercise is perfect for increasing the flexibility of your eyes while at the same time resting the eye muscles.

Massaging your eyes

This might sound a bit unordinary, but give it a try and you'll feel your eye muscles relaxing right away. Use your fingers to massage the crucial area around your eyes - by placing your thumb above the inside corners of your eyes below eyebrows and leaving your other fingers rest on your forehead. Press your thumbs lightly into that point and hold for a few breaths.

You could also benefit from gentle massage of the bridge of your nose. Place your thumb and your index finger on each side of your nose and glide them along the nose with light pressure while breathing and relaxing.


We hope our advice raised your interest in your eye health - these modern days cause much strain and stress on the eyes-so one can never be too careful to try to avoid any chronic condition that leads to poor vision. And don't forget your regular checkups - better be safe than sorry!

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