Erection Problems in Men: Causes and Treatment Options

man-depressedWhat are Erection Problems?

You have an erection problem if you cannot achieve an erection that is firm enough to engage in a sexual act. Other names used to refer erection problems are sexual dysfunction and impotence. Despite of your age, you can suffer from erection problems. However, they are more common in older men than in the younger generation. This problem is hardly discussed in public but there are several platforms available on the internet. Some men are bold enough to inform their physicians whenever the problem occurs. Luckily, there are several treatment options for both the young and the old alike.

Does it affect men’s sex drive?

Yes, erection problem affects men's sex drive. The feeling that you are not in a position to achieve an erection can put away your desire to have sex. The problem is severe when despite of cuddling or foreplay, you member reacts little or fails completely. You might end up in resentment due to your inability to play your manly role. This can further worsen your condition if depression creeps in. Being aware that however hard you try sex is not going to happen, you find every reason to excuse yourself from engaging in other sexual acts.

What are the causes?

There are several factors as to why you may suffer from erection problems. A nerve injury to your penis can numb sensations for an erection. Another physical cause is poor blood supply to the penis. You may have the problem as a result of another underlying medical condition. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, or atherosclerosis. Some diseases that affect the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease can also lead to the problem. Side effects of medications for treating other diseases can as well cause erection problems. You can also suffer from the condition if you are an excessive alcohol consumer, smoker or use illegal drugs. Psychological causes of erection problems include stress, anxiety, and depression.

Home Care

If you have an erection problem, there a number of home care remedies you can try. These include identifying the possible cause and acting on the same. Reduce alcohol intake, stop smoking or illegal drug use, and try both sex and physical exercises. Sharing it with your partner can go a long way in identifying the cause and solving the problem. Consume foods that don't contain saturated fats and lots of sugars. Though watching porn cannot be the solution, but getting in the right mindset prior to sexual engagement can alleviate the problem.

What treatments are available?

• Injections into the penis

penis-injectionThese refer to injections with drugs such as Alprostadil which causes your penis to expand and thus more blood is let in. It is effective in that majority of patients who get injected achieve firm erections that can sustain sexual engagements. You are only supposed to go for injections if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Caution should be taken because this method can lead to permanent injury to your penis.

• Medicines inserted into the urethra

Medicines inserted into the urethraGiven as a suppository, you are supposed to place a medicine such as Alprostadil at the tip of your penis. It causes your penis to enlarge and thus more blood is pumped in giving you an erection that can sustain a sexual act. It is advisable to seek your doctors' consent before trying such approaches especially if the cause of the problem is physical.

• Medicines taken by mouth


These mostly include aphrodisiac such as Viagra, Cialis, Staxyn, and Levitria. They work by stimulating an increase of blood flow to your genitals. Their efficiency and durability of their effects varies from one type to the other. They are not recommended for use in patients who have a past history of heart disease or high blood pressure.

• Surgery

penis-SurgeryPenile surgery are applicable if the your doctor identifies a physical condition that could be causing the problem. You may also be compelled to undergo a corrective surgery if a previous one in the treatment of prostrate problem causes erection problems.

• Vacuum devices

Vacuum deviceThese are specifically made devices or vacuum pumps meant to draw blood in to your penis and give you an erection. These pumps are either run on batteries or with hands. They pump air out creating a vacuum so that your shaft draws in more air. They should be used with care since they can cause injury to your member.

When to Contact a Medical Professional

Short-term erection problems can arise due to a number of factors, like partying too much. However, if you notice the problem doesn't disappear after a while, there is need for concern. If despite of lifestyle changes nothing happens, get to the bottom of the problem. Depending on how severe it becomes, seek professional assistance. Be in the company of your partner. You will be given medications or counseling that will help in dealing with the condition. Don't hesitate to open up to your doctor. This will assist him/her in coming up with the best solution available.


Although erection problems are common among men, you should not live up with it. There is much more you can do to do away with the issue. Else, it can severe your relationship or even lead to infidelity. Break the silence and speak with your spouse first. If no solution is reached, move on and seek professional guidance. Bear in mind that most patients who undergo the same are successfully treated.

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  1. Hi Martin! I was really encouraged with your article. This should not hinder my relationship to my wife and I can do something about this. I know that I really need to sacrifice something and giving up alcohol is one of them. I read in your previous article that alcohol has a negative effect it decreases the testosterone levels. Right now, I am decided to eliminate alcohol in my lifestyle.

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