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What Are the Medical Cover Options for Disabled People?

A sound health is our top priority to excel in any field of life and health insurance plans are helping us greatly with the same. In this article, you will learn what are medical cover options for people with disabilities and how can they make the maximum from them.

Medical Cover Options for Disabled People

SSDI With Medicare

Social Security Disability Insurance, better known as SSDI is a much popular federal program launched by US government to help the disabled people with an appropriate cover. The offered program is run by the Social Security Administration and anybody who satisfies their eligibility criteria and receive the benefits. Mostly, people with a disability also become eligible for a Medicare plan that helps them receive the medical cover at very affordable premiums.

Under these plans, disabled people get medical coverage for their disabilities at very minimal monthly premiums and the insurance provider takes care of their all treatments related expenses. This may include but not limited to the appointment fees of doctors, charges for diagnosis, prescription drugs as well as surgical expenses. There are some providers who also offer pre-hospitalization compensation and a cover for rehabilitation after the treatment or surgery. Basically, these plans are offered by the federal government but are regulated and moderated by state governments and the benefits offered may vary in each state.

SSID With Medicaid

Medicaid plans are offered to families with a very lower annual income to take care of their medical expenses and help them stay healthy for long. If you have a family income less than $30,000; you may qualify for Medicaid plan. However, the approval of your Medicaid application depends on various factors.

In some states, you will by default qualify for a Medicaid plan you have any type of physical or mental disability. In those states, you don’t need to make a separate application and worry about the approval of the same. There are a few states, who provide a cover to every disabled in their state, but the recipient is supposed to apply for the same. In some states, the government doesn’t promise a Medicaid plan but most of the disabled people get their applications approved.

Major benefits

The insurance plans offered for people with disabilities provides multiple benefits to the insured and some of them are:

  • Appointment Fees of Doctors: You don’t worry about your pre-scheduled visits to the doctor as your insurance provider will take care of the appointment fees.
  • Charges for Diagnosis: They will also cover the charge of diagnosis and tests recommended by your doctor.
  • Charges for Prescription Drugs: Your insurance provider will also cover the costs of essential drug prescribed by the doctors.
  • Surgical Expenses: This is a major benefit of having a health cover. Insurance companies pay for all the surgical expenses of the insured and you don’t have to worry about the same.
  • Pre-Hospitalization Coverage: Some of the insurance providers also offer a cover for pre-hospitalization expenses in some exceptional cases.
  • Rehabilitation After the Treatment: in some special cases, the expenses of rehabilitation services are also taken care of by the insurance provider to help the insured recover quickly.

The Waiting Period

This is the duration you have to wait until you become eligible to get a cover after buying the insurance plan. Mostly, insurance providing companies have a waiting period of 6 months to 2 years. This means you will not be able to receive ant coverage till you complete the waiting period mentioned on your insurance policy. This waiting period may differ state to state or even provider to provider. Hence, you are suggested to inquire that same in your state before you make your mind to buy an insurance plan.

You can also apply for a private insurance plan through the marketplace. For that, you are just required to fill an online form on the official websites of top insurance providers in your area and soon you will start getting multiple quotes from them. If you wish to compare the insurance quotes from multiple providers, you are suggested to visit an insurance portal which provides insurance-related services from top insurers. There, by filling just one form, you will receive quotes from a dozen of providers. Depending on your specific requirement, you can choose a plan that offers the maximum coverage at the best price.

Rights and Protections

The American healthcare law provides certain rights to their citizens and protects their interests when it comes to a medical cover. According to those, everyone including the people with pre-existing medical conditions, pregnancy, and even any physical or mental disability deserve to get a cheap health insurance to get the required treatment easily and stay healthy for long. To get a detailed information about your rights regarding the health insurance coverage and claims, you are suggested to contact the healthcare department of federal government. You can also reach their official website to ask your queries or filing a complaint about the claim of any health insurance coverage.

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